Sara M

Sara has lived her whole life in the Katy/Houston area. She graduated from U of H {Go Coogs!} with a BS in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies and is currently attending UHV for graduate studies. Sara has been married to her best friend, Patrick, since 2014 and together they are raising 3 super-spunky, strong-willed kids:: Camryn {2007}, Caleb {2009}, and Casey {2012}. In her free time, you can find her soaking up the sun, exploring the city, getting a new tattoo, or sweating it out at the gym! Fun Fact :: Sara sings. A lot. And she finds dancing irresistible. In other words, she is the best driving buddy ever.

Street Art and Hard Conversations:: The Family Field Trip I Didn’t Know We Needed

Four months. It’s been four months since Spring Break went rogue and the world as we know it, see it, and experience it changed. Four months since parents and teachers across the world turned...

Parenting Through the Preteen Paradox

What a week it’s been, what a crazy time to be alive. We did it, the 5th grade car parade. Here he is, friends, in all his 5th grade preteen graduate glory. Ear to...

Memorial Day a Different Way :: Teaching Our Children to Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day weekend is an exciting time in our home. Our children always look forward to the long weekend, a birthday celebration {with three kids’ birthdays in a two-week window, they are sharing their...

Are you Stuck? Let’s See Those Wings, Girl

Frequently, people find themselves stuck in situations or habits that are hard to change. Read on if you need inspiration to get UNstuck. Hey You! Yeah, You! The one reading this! Chances are you clicked on...

How School Breakfasts Make Healthy Kids and Happy Moms

School Breakfasts, I Salute You! You guys, this week is National School Breakfast Week, That may not seem noteworthy, but as a mom who counts it a miracle when we can get out the door...

Valentine’s Day Crafts :: From Their Hands to Your Heart

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and trust me, I know this can give moms more unsolicited tasks and homework than we ever signed up for {when your five year old needs to...