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Shannon M. Clark, MD is a Professor in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at UTMB-Galveston, TX where she is an educator, researcher and clinician. As an ACOG media expert, she contributes to multiple websites, news outlets and magazines regarding pregnancy-related topics. More recently, she has taken a special interest in fertility, pregnancy and motherhood after age 35, which according to age alone, is considered a high-risk pregnancy. She was inspired not only by the experiences of friends and patients, but also by her own personal experience of trying to start a family at the age of 40. Because of her personal and medical knowledge of the fertility and medical concerns surrounding pregnancy after age 35, she started Babies After 35 -a site dedicated to fertility, pregnancy and motherhood after age 35. Sharing her medical expertise and personal experiences, she has written for Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, The Washington Post and Glamour. Dr. Clark became a mother at age 42 to twins Remy Vaughn and Sydney Renée {September 2016} via IVF. She is a full-time working mother with a passion for world travel, writing, amateur photography and her first baby, a pit bull named Cru, who crossed the rainbow bridge 4/17/2018.
I'm Hiding From My Kids! And Other Mom Confessions | Houston Moms Blog

“I’m Hiding from my Kids!” and Other Mom Confessions

  When I get home from work, I quickly greet my three-year-old twins and tell them mommy has to go upstairs to change out of her scrubs. Truth be told, yes, I really do need...

The Alphabet Soup of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean {VBAC} Delivery

NOTE:: This post relates to women who have had one prior Cesarean delivery and a known lower transverse uterine incision. Putting the letters together! CD—Cesarean delivery TOLAC—Trial of labor after a Cesarean. This refers to the process of...
Houston Moms Blog "Let's Talk About Shingles! {And I Don't Mean The Ones on Your Roof!}" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Let’s Talk About Shingles! {And I Don’t Mean The Ones On Your Roof!}

What are shingles? A common childhood viral infection is the culprit of shingles in adults. Varicella-zoster (VZV) is the virus that causes chickenpox during a primary infection when we are younger. With the availability of...

I Just Need One More Minute…

One more minute … To feel the joy of seeing those two pink lines. To feel you kicking inside of me and hold you for the first time. To watch you grow into a funny,...

I Am A Working Mom And My Harshest Critics Are Other Women

Working moms are often criticized harshly for their career and family choices, and unfortunately, the harshest critics are often other women. When I met my future husband, I was a practicing Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist climbing...

The Nontraditional Ways I Am Empowering My Girl/Boy Twins

I am an accomplished physician, educator and researcher who, through a lot of hard work, has achieved just about every goal I have ever set for myself, but nothing, and I mean nothing, has...

“Sit Down, Mommy!” and Other Sage Advice from a Two Year Old

Toddlers... They play hard, love hard, nap hard, and feel allllll the feelings hard. Having two-year-old twins is challenging me in ways I never knew I could be challenged. I have asked my friends and colleagues...
A smiling pregnant woman holding an open book and leaning against a smiling man while sitting on a couch.

Let’s Talk about Sex {While Pregnant}, Baby!

As an OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy specialist, there is one topic that my pregnant patients rarely ever discuss with me. It is a topic that I am sure every woman thinks about during...

Dear Furbaby :: I Am A Better Mom Because You Had Me First

I still remember the day I first saw you. You were sprawled out and sleeping on your litter mates with your big, round belly showing. You immediately caught my attention. I had no intention,...
Fertility And Pregnancy After Age 35:: Fact or Fiction? | Houston Moms Blog

Fertility And Pregnancy After Age 35 :: Fact or Fiction?

Fertility After 35 :: Fact or Fiction? A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime :: FACT A female is born with 1-2 million eggs. At puberty she has...