Sunny M

Sunny is a midwestern city girl from Kansas, who loves the *idea* of living on a big plot of flat land somewhere in the middle of nowhere...but, actually has no interest in maintaining that land, or milking her own cows, or raising her own food. So basically, that’s out. The only crop she’s ever grown is that of her own children, five of them to be exact:: Kenny {2004}, Matthew {2006}, Belle {2007}, Lukas {2011}, and Otis {2012}. She is married to her {sometimes} best friend, Matt. Sixteen+ years into the nonsense and she has decided to stick it out. Writing has always been her safe space, but she has also learned that medication, a good therapist and rage shopping help soothe the rough spots. She speaks her truth even when it’s hard, and has a deep desire to help other women find their own beauty in the chaos. She loves Houston and its diversity of music, sports, art, history and people. However, if she ever wins the lottery she would seriously think about living right on the beach in Maui, at least part-time. For more ridiculous mothering ideas, humor or to waste some time, follow her on Facebook @grabamoment, Instagram @becomingthemom or on

Mothering my Mother:: Coming to Terms with Reversed Roles

She's beautiful, my mom. Her happiness when she is able to catch it, is breathtaking. She loved my birthday. It very well could have just been my perception as a child, but she doted...

How a Bedtime Puppet Play Helped Restore My Faith in Me

Immediately after trekking home from school with all of his hiker-biker friends, he dashed into my room. He gave me a "Hi Mom." I looked up from my computer to find my boy standing...

I’m Unintentionally Mothering {And I’m Ok With It}

The word "intentional" freaks me the heck out. It makes me feel tied to something. It causes me to itch and hyperventilate {just a little}. Honestly, it makes me want to slap it.  It's a...

Outing the Stay At Home Mom:: The Truth From the Front Lines

I've been a stay at home mom for 15 years. Fifteen years at this gig and another 15 to go, give or take. That's what happens when one decides on becoming a baby making...

Secure Your Home and Your Peace of Mind in 5 Simple Steps

No one likes to imagine the unimaginable, but taking steps to secure your home can give you both peace of mind and preparation should a disaster strike.   A home is the sanctuary we retreat to...

Mental Health and Motherhood:: The “Something” is in the Work.

One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew...something had to change. I hadn't been able to see myself for so long, but in that moment I was able to reach...

The Reality of “The Family Photo Shoot” and Why it Matters

Spring has sprung and bluebonnet season is upon us! It's the time of year we think of deep cleaning, new beginnings, and probably a bit of redecorating. The photos on the wall are a...
The Evolution of a Marriage | Houston Moms Blog

The Evolution of a Marriage

We sat together nervously {close enough so that our bodies naturally touched}, facing a woman whose profession it is to look at a marriage and listen to the output given by a couple. She...
The Three "F" Words That Will Change the Way you Mother | Houston Moms Blog

The Three “F” Words That Will Change the Way You Mother

I know. I know. Sometimes the only "F" word you wanna say in the midst of all the chaos we call mommin' the big kahuna. I get it. Been there, done that, and oh...