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Ugochi Emenaha

Ugochi was born and raised right here in Houston, but has spent most of her adult life in the Midwest. She is a proud Nigerian American, member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and veteran teacher. She is a lover all things candy and spends her time exploring the city with her son Arinze {2014}. She has published her first book titled Beautiful {available on Amazon}.

Black History Month: What We’re Reading

One of my students asked me, Why do we have to have a Black History Month? This could be a loaded question, but I responded to him as a student. I told him that...
kid handing off football

My View from the Stadium: Will I Let My Son Play Football?

Every fall Friday night for all of my high school career, my parents knew where I was: at a football game. No, I was not a female football player—I was a drill team member....
woman using her voice at work to advocate for herself

5 Tips for Finding and Using Your Voice at Work

When I first moved to Houston, I started a job in a leadership role that was less than ideal for my situation. I was in a  new city, had a new job, and I...
woman laying on bed reading book

Books to Revive Your Reading Goals

Did you resolve this year to read more books? The end of summer is the perfect time to revive your reading goals! Here are some of my favorite reads to get you turning pages. Fiction...
family with arms around each other

Where to Celebrate Juneteenth in Houston

Juneteenth Sunday, June 19. There are lots of events happening around town for you to celebrate Juneteenth in Houston with the whole family this year. Celebrating memories is a great way to honor the past...

Top Houston Family Memberships

Houston summer is upon us! Now is a great time to start planning outings in and around town for you and your family. Luckily, there are some great deals out there for memberships if...
woman working on work-life balance with toddler beside her

Working Women Unite:  3 Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance

Does work-life balance does exist? Yes, it does. Well, sort of.  Although you are a mom, an employee, and a person, you can't do everything. As a single parent, I have to remind myself...

How to Make Black History Month Part of Your Family Values

One of my students asked me why we celebrate Black History Month. I explained to him that when we first learned of COVID-19 we were told to wash our hands, give each other space,...

Reddit Babysitter and the Police Call: It’s a Tie, You Both Lose

Houston Moms is always proud to offer differing perspectives on a range of issues from our diverse team. For another take on this news story about the Reddit babysitter and the police call, check...

Daddy’s Girl: Grieving while Parenting

Losing a parent—or anyone around the holidays- seems like next level cruelty. But here we are. I want to first say that I am writing this in tears, but I am still writing. It...