Ugochi E

Ugochi was born and raised right here in Houston, but has spent most of her adult life in the Midwest. She is a proud Nigerian American, member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and veteran teacher. She is a lover all things candy and spends her time exploring the city with her son Arinze {2014}. She has published her first book titled Beautiful {available on Amazon}.

Para La Raza:: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

The beauty of our present time is that we have the power to explore various cultures through life experience, rich texts options, and of course, the internet. As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month,...

Keeping the Dream Alive:: Single Parenting While Earning a Degree

I am a bucket list, checkbox, Type A person. I have a highlighted, color-coded planner that I consult religiously. I even sit up late at night, grab some Lavender tea, turn on Parks and...

Friday Favorites:: Edition 5

I know a lot of moms are starting the difficult task of homeschooling or assisting their kids with virtual learning. As a veteran in the teaching game, I have a few of my favorite...
Houston Moms "It's All Fun and Games" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

It’s All Fun and Games

COVID has forced us…I mean, allowed us to spend more time together with our families. We have all been creative with different ways to keep our family entertained, but sometimes it’s the ‘old school’,...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day:: Welcome to the Tribe, Momma

Last year I wrote an ode to Teacher Mommies. Since we have added a whole new crew to our tribe, I wanted to write you a welcome letter. Yes, mommy doctors, mommy grocery store...

3 Ways to Celebrate Easter During A Quarantine

Despite the fact that we might not know what today is, the calendar is still going, and Easter is on its way. As being inside becomes our {temporary *crosses fingers *} new normal, I...

Kids Corona Confessions:: Arinze E.

I've been asking my son what he thinks about COVID and how it's changing his daily routine. I see all of these memes about what kids will recall from this moment in time when...

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Houston

  St. Patrick's Day is upon us once again!  And with all that's going on, its always nice to have a reason to celebrate with {or without} your little ones. In honor of St. Patrick's...
Houston Moms Blog "When Your Child Needs a Little Extra Help:: Tutoring Can Help" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

When Your Child Needs a Little Extra Help:: Tutoring Can Help

Last weekend my son and I had the opportunity to tour Best Brains Pearland, as a parent interested in bringing my child to their center. As a teacher, and a mom—I was blown away....

I Love Me:: A Valentine’s Tribute to Women in Black History

February is the month of love and contributor Ugochi shares a tribute through poetry to women in black history as well as to herself. As a teacher, I often try to find innovative ways to...