Ugochi E

Ugochi was born and raised right here in Houston, but has spent most of her adult life in the Midwest. She is a proud Nigerian American, member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and veteran teacher. She is a lover all things candy and spends her time exploring the city with her son Arinze {2014}. She has published her first book titled Beautiful {available on Amazon}.

Tiny Eyes, Big Mistakes:: Talking To Kids about the Astros Cheating Scheme

I took my dad to his first American baseball game a few years ago. The atmosphere was calm, the hot dogs were hot, and the soda was cool. I fell in love with not...

Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Houston

Houston! It's almost 2020 and boy, are we ready to celebrate! Are you? We know that there are many mamas that are ready to celebrate New Year's Eve in style and in a BIG...

Top 5 Cheesy Holiday Movies to Binge Watch on Netflix

This past week I spent countless hours researching the cutest, feel good, cheesy holiday movies on Netflix for your enjoyment—you’re welcome! I would tell you that there are spoiler alerts, but the reality is...

Grabbing Single Motherhood by the {Scooter} Handlebars

After a particularly rough day, the best advice I ever received was, Why don’t you go buy some gummy bears, and ride your scooter? And I did. Two miles and a bag of gummies...

4 Parenting Lessons I Learned from Being a Teacher

When I first started teaching, I would always get parents who would ask me, “But do you have kids?” I really wanted to answer, “Yes—I have 27 of them!” But I didn’t. Just a...

For the Moms of the Future Space Explorers:: Celebrating Apollo 11 in Houston

My son, like many other 5 year olds is obsessed with Space! He knows all the planets by name, has in depth discussions with strangers about why Venus is hotter than Mars and wants...

Men of Distinction:: A Tribute to Those who Stand Up for Children without Fathers

The grandfathers, uncles, and friends who stand up and fill the role of father to children in their lives are to be celebrated.  It’s only been a few times, because most of the time he...
Appreciation for the Teacher Mommy:: Summer is Coming | Houston Moms Blog

Appreciation for the Teacher Mommy:: Summer is Coming!

  In honor of your hard work teacher moms, I salute you. There is no greater love than that of a teacher-- except that of a mom. So if you are doing both, God bless...

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month With Your Kids

If I could get a projector to play a video the moment I wake up, it would definitely be the Nike commercial. Talk about the feels right? I have been told so many times...
Houston Moms "Reading is still Fundamental:: Teaching Diversity Through Books" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Reading is Still Fundamental :: Teaching Cultural Diversity Through the Power of Books

My sister told me that on her first day working at a summer camp she encountered a little boy who was enjoying his midday snack of a chocolate pudding cup. As all 5 year...