Vicki has always had Texan blood pumping through her veins. Raised in Katy as the oldest of four girls and now a resident of Kingwood, she’s known for her undying and somewhat fanatical love of all things related to H-E-B, Amazon Prime, Taylor Swift, and Texas A&M, her alma mater {WHOOP!}. She has a passion for supporting other working moms in the workplace, as well as military veterans. Married to Paul since 2011 {also an Aggie and a veteran}, she has three kids:: step-daughter Madeline {2003} and sons Hamilton {2014}, and Harrison {2019}. By day, Vicki is a full-time working mom who works in HR and by night she’s a closet “60 Minutes” & “Real Housewives” fan. Always first out on the dance floor for “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, Vicki enjoys unwinding with friends over a glass of wine, a new craft brew and/or a H-E-B cheese ball.

Houston, We Have A Human Trafficking Problem

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Most of us have at least a baseline level of knowledge around what human trafficking is, but essentially there are...
Whole30-ish:: How to Kinda Sorta Follow the Rules and Still Be Successful

Whole30-ish:: How to Kinda Sorta Follow the Rules and Still Be Successful

It’s that time again:: the time of year when overnight everyone rushes out to buy the latest juicer, gym membership or piece of exercise equipment and suddenly starts buying all organic produce and grass...

Gobblerfest:: Not Your Average Friendsgiving Tradition

This past Saturday, I hosted the 20th annual Gobblerfest at my home with roughly 15 friends. "What is Gobblerfest", you say? The origin of Gobblerfest dates way back to the fall of 2000 when...
How to Find the Perfect Nanny

In Search of Mary Poppins:: How to Find the Perfect Nanny

Nine days before going back to work following the birth of my first son, I pulled an all stop and completely changed our childcare plans for my infant son. Those of you who live...

Lessons Learned During My Last Maternity Leave

Today marks my return to work following my last maternity leave. I can confidently say now that our family is complete and this is my last maternity leave. These past four months have been...
Breaking Up With Dairy in 5 Easy Steps | Houston Moms Blog

The 5 Stages of Giving up Dairy

Disclaimer::  This post is purely satirical and meant to be a lighthearted look at why and how I am giving up dairy while breastfeeding my son. Finding humor in the inevitable curve-balls that life...

H-E-B:: Proving Once Again That Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas

There’s no denying that Texans have a very unique fascination with H-E-B and scoff at people who refer to it as “just a grocery store”. I happen to be a Texan whose love for...
Dear Exclusively Pumping Mamas:: You are Amazing | Houston Moms Blog

Exclusively Pumping Mamas:: You are Amazing

Dear Exclusively Pumping Mama, I see you over there. Yep…you. The one attached to that medieval torture device breast pump for hours on end every day just trying to provide nourishment for your sweet baby....
What Stepmoms REALLY Want on Mother's Day | Houston Moms Blog

What Stepmoms REALLY Want on Mother’s Day

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that none of us who are stepmoms actually planned to be stepmoms. Am I right?! If you were like me, you grew up thinking you...
Please Stop Calling Young Moms Who Drink "Alcoholics" | Houston Moms Blog

Please Stop Calling Young Moms Who Drink “Alcoholics”

I recently read an article that discussed the "wine culture" of young moms today. The article was a call to action for people to stop lightheartedly tossing around phrases such as, "Mommy needs a...