Vicky Y

Vicky grew up in Miami, graduated from Boston University, and moved to New York City to work in advertising. She and her husband then had a marvelous adventure abroad, which included the birth of their older son. After almost four years in Beijing, they headed to her husband's hometown of Houston. Their daughter made her debut a few months later and their younger son joined the ranks several years after that. Vicky loves family life and all the adventures, laughs, and lessons that come with it. Though busy raising three kids, she tries to sneak time to tend to her tiny urban garden and come up with ideas to continually make her home a haven. Vicky has been slightly obsessed with raising monarch butterflies in recent years. She’s a writer and communications consultant who dreams of days where she can simply sit by the pool reading a book and drinking lemonade.
Kids Eat Free in Houston. Logo: Houston Moms. A photograph of a child eating pasta.

Got Hungry Kids? We Have Kids Eat FREE Solutions!

We rarely went out to eat when the kids were young. It was such a hassle trying to keep tabs on everyone. Between setting up the special clip-on high chair for the baby, helping...

The Tenuous World of Tweens:: One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Bunch

We hear a lot about kids and boundaries. As parents, we need to establish firm limits, but we should also expect kids to constantly test them. We can see this in action when children...
A photograph of a wooden playground with Houston in the background.

The Best Parks In and Around Houston

After our big freeze, we're ready to get out an enjoy springtime in Houston! Let's explore the great parks dotting our city, from inside the loop to our surrounding suburbs. Many Houston parks and...

When Being Asian American as Apple Pie is Not Enough

Sometimes my kids pick the weirdest role models {YouTube gamers}. Thankfully, they also look up to people like Jeremy Lin, a former NBA player for the Houston Rockets who is also an Asian American....

Creative Blinds Comes to the Rescue When Window Hacks Fail

Like many parents in the last year, I’ve had to rearrange things in my home to fit in a virtual learning space for my kids. With three children doing school online, I decided to...

“I Know What You Guys Do Secretly After We Go to Bed.”

It was one of those nice afternoons when the little one was taking a nap, the oldest was upstairs reading, and my seven-year-old daughter was playing quietly with her mystery blind bags in the...

Comfortable Old Jeans Fit Like Enduring Friendships

Like most people, I own multiple pairs of jeans. Some of you have amassed such a collection that you have dedicated space in your closet just to hang up pair after pair of dark,...

Friday Favorites:: Edition 13

In recent months I have discovered, or rediscovered, some fabulous things! Here are some of the more notable:: Personal Care Could it be possible that I am the last woman of my age to finally take...

What to Expect in Elementary School

The elementary school years can be full of suprises for parents, but there are ways to help you navigate them successfully with and for your children. Like most parents of my generation, I read What...
A photograph of a hand lifting a pillow to reveal a tooth.

The End of the Magic:: When Kids Stop Believing

Tooth Fairy Tales Ever since my two older kids starting losing their teeth and writing letters to the Tooth Fairy, I have been typing up responses in the night to disguise the true identity of...