Vicky Y

Vicky grew up in Miami, graduated from Boston University, and moved to New York City to work in advertising. She and her husband then had a marvelous adventure abroad, which included the birth of their older son. After almost four years in Beijing, they headed to her husband's hometown of Houston. Their daughter made her debut a few months later and their younger son joined the ranks several years after that. Vicky loves family life and all the adventures, laughs, and lessons that come with it. Though busy raising three kids, she tries to sneak time to tend to her tiny urban garden and come up with ideas to continually make her home a haven. Vicky has been slightly obsessed with raising monarch butterflies in recent years. She’s a writer and communications consultant who dreams of days where she can simply sit by the pool reading a book and drinking lemonade.
Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Friday Favorites:: Edition 2

Our days at home started to blur together during the long Spring Break that turned into an even longer Summer. Pandemic anxiety aside, I haven’t particularly minded the slower pace of life. It has...

Teachers:: The Unsung Heroes Who Deserve More

A Sweet Gesture One of the most touching memories from this past school year was of my son’s fourth grade teacher at our front door, masked and holding a bag containing an end-of-the year gift....

Top 20 Pandemic Survival {Quick and Easy} Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas

One of the most surprising things about having kids at home all the time is the mind-boggling effort it takes to come up with EASY lunch ideas. I see lots of healthy and pretty...

Water Play for Days:: Keeping Cool this Summer

Splish, splash, splosh! Typically, Houston’s notorious summer heat sends us all jumping, cannon-balling, and diving into the nearest swimming pool. This summer however, many public pools and splash pads might be closed or have...

The Sound of Music and Being Asian American

My eight-year old daughter tried out for a mainstage theater production of The Sound of Music. She worked so hard and got close enough to taste victory, but in the end, she didn’t get...
Houston Moms "A How-to Guide for Virtual Playdates" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

A How-To Guide for Virtual Playdates

Gone for now are the gatherings at the playground and in each other’s home. No more school for big kids or preschool for the littles. In their place are online classrooms and virtual playdates....

Kids Corona Confessions:: Kelsey Y.

I feel sad about the coronavirus. I don't feel good that I'm missing school. The coronavirus is very scary to me. People are getting really sick and it's spreading really fast. School is cancelled...

Kids Corona Confessions:: Toby Y.

I think that Corona is a bully. It’s pushing every country around by hurting their economy and population. It’d like a middle school 8th grader bullying a 6th grader. It’s rude and mean and...

Kids Corona Confessions:: Jesse Y.

  Um, well I thought the virus could make you die. I feel sad because I don't get to see my friends. Well, yeah I like homeschool. I like story time. I feel worried, like lightning might strike buildings.   Jesse...

Measuring Life in Dinosaur Years

A green dinosaur resides on a wall in our family room. He’s been there for a long time, silently watching us play, read, and watch TV in our gathering place. Each December, the children...