Vicky Y

Vicky grew up in Miami, graduated from Boston University, and moved to New York City to work in advertising. She and her husband then had a marvelous adventure abroad, which included the birth of their older son. After almost four years in Beijing, they headed to her husband's hometown of Houston. Their daughter made her debut a few months later and their younger son joined the ranks several years after that. Vicky loves family life and all the adventures, laughs, and lessons that come with it. Though busy raising three kids, she tries to sneak time to tend to her tiny urban garden and come up with ideas to continually make her home a haven. Vicky has been slightly obsessed with raising monarch butterflies in recent years. She’s a writer and communications consultant who dreams of days where she can simply sit by the pool reading a book and drinking lemonade.

My Big Fat Easter Celebration

Easter is my favorite holiday As a Christian whose faith hinges on Jesus' resurrection, Easter holds a very special place in my heart. When I became a mom, I looked forward to creating fun family...
My Love Affair with MOPS | Houston Moms Blog

My Love Affair with MOPS

I didn’t really know anyone when I moved to Houston. In those first few months in a new city, the most exciting events on my calendar were OB appointments. It didn’t matter—I was consumed...
48 Kid-Friendly Hours in Waco, Texas | Houston Moms Blog

48 Kid-Friendly Hours in Waco, Texas

We were planning on a quiet Winter break at home but then my youngest one kept repeating “Mommy, I’m so excited about vacation!” Well, what could we do? When the The Baby wants something, he...
Challenge and Reward:: The Other Side of Fear | Houston Moms Blog

Challenge and Reward :: The Other Side of Fear

I was talking to someone recently who had just come back from a skydiving trip. He was describing the exhilaration of it and how glad he was to have tackled something on his Bucket...
Mom, Who are You Voting For? | Houston Moms Blog

Who Are You Voting For, Mom? How I Talk to My Kids about Politics

“Who are you voting for, Mom?” My son asked me this as we were driving through our neighborhood festooned with political yard signs. My oldest is a third grader and has been asking about politics...
The Art {and Torture} of the Thank You Card | Houston Moms Blog

The Art {and Torture} of the Thank You Card

Everyone wants to feel appreciated—even for the little things. That's why we write thank you cards. A thank you card tells someone that you noticed and value something they’ve done. Not everyone believes in...
Crazy in Love with Crazy Rich Asians | Houston Moms Blog

Crazy in Love with Crazy Rich Asians

Like almost every other Asian American I know, I have seen the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” at least once already. I read the novel by Kevin Kwan years ago {who has a Houston connection,...
The Weakening:: Parenting a Third {and Last} Child | Houston Moms Blog

The Weakening :: Parenting a Third {and Last} Child

I have three children. I only grew up with one sibling, so it always seems like a party with three kids in the house. It’s not an especially large number, but it is not...

Hello Stranger! Summertime is Sibling Time

Sometimes when making small talk, I go along and feign my distaste at our scorching Houston summers. I actually love the summer, but it's fun to have a common enemy, especially one so blistering...

Mutiny Against Excess

Some years ago, I read the book Seven—An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. I remember thinking “Hallelujah! Someone gets how I feel!” The book chronicles the time in Hatmaker’s life when she...