Vinicia W

Vinicia “Vi” is originally from Livingston, a small but awesome little town in East Texas, but she has recently relocated to Houston. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Sam Houston State University, Vi works with women who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction - and absolutely loves her job. Vi plans to dedicate her life’s work to empowering women and moms to live their best lives despite whatever obstacles they may face. Vi is the proud momma to her son Malachi {June 2013} who was born deaf but wears cochlear implants. In her free time {which is rare!}, Vi writes and performs original poetry, jams out to every genre of music imaginable, and spends as much time as possible making lasting memories with her kiddo. She believes in authenticity, transparency, and honesty. Read more about the craziness that is her life at

My Love / Hate Relationship With Healthy Eating

Despite all the things my parents got right and all the ways they made sure everyone in our family was always okay, I don’t remember anyone paying much attention to nutrition. As an adult,...

How to Engage a Partially Present Co-Parent, Husband, or Spouse

By most normal standards, I am a single mom. I’m the custodial parent.  I have assumed most of the responsibilities for caring for and rearing my son.  However, I choose to consider myself a...

10 Times When Being a Single Mom Just Plain Old Sucks

There are things about being a single mom that I absolutely love.  But let's be honest...  There are times when it just plain old sucks too.  And while I know that every single mom's list...
Spend or Skimp :: A Single Mom's Guide To Budgeting | Houston Moms Blog

Spend or Skimp :: A Single Mom’s Guide To Budgeting

In 2013 I very quickly went from being a frivolous, free-spending, single, young adult to a single mom of a child with a disability. Needless to say, my entire reality changed in what seemed...
The Evolution of My Womanhood | Houston Moms Blog

The Evolution of My Womanhood

March is Women’s History Month, and more specifically, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  Historically, women have offered the world so much sacrifice and art and activism and beauty and love, that these dates should...

Moms Inherently Advocate for their Children

Coming up, on February 25th, is International Cochlear Implant Awareness Day! Whew!  That was a mouth full.  You’d never believe that just 3 years ago, I didn’t even know what a cochlear implant was and...
Losing My Parents Made Me a Better Mom | Houston Moms Blog

Losing My Parents Made Me a Better Mom

Grief is such a strange thing. When we lose those who we love so dearly, grief manifests itself in different forms. It cycles in and out of our lives as we grow older, experience...
5 Ways Toddlers Can Give Back This Christmas | Houston Moms Blog

5 Ways Toddlers Can Give Back This Christmas

The most wonderful time of year has finally arrived. Christmas is here with all of its frills and excitement. By now, our kiddos have scoped out the newest edition and latest versions of their favorite dolls...
How to Disagree With Your Child's Teacher | Houston Moms Blog

How To Disagree With Your Child’s Teacher

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your child’s entire education mapped out since the moment of conception. I planned for my son’s to look something like this: 13 consecutive years of awesomeness, academic...