Whitney P

Whitney P. was raised in the Houston area, the third oldest of six children. After high school she attended and graduated from Texas A&M earning a degree in Communications and Political Science where she met her husband Tim. After college, Whitney worked as the Communications Director for a private school in Austin before returning to Houston in 2008 to work as a corporate fundraiser for non-profits before her the call into ordained ministry. Whitney resides in Katy and is an Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s UMC overseeing Care and Special Needs ministries. Whitney and Tim adopted their first child Jase {March 2013} in 2013, and he is living his best dinosaur loving life. Besides her work and family, Whitney’s greatest passions are reading, discussing and celebrating anything related to Harry Potter, traveling near and far, and training for half-marathons. Whitney has a personal blogOur Color Filled Life.

Teaching Our Children How to Accept Apologies

Apologies can be powerful, and research has shown that a meaningful apology can help deescalate conflict, build or rebuild trust, and improve relationships. Children are taught at an early age that to apologize is...

Kid and Mom Approved School Lunches Without The Stress

One of the hardest things for me is the ever-growing question What do I send my child for lunch? Sometimes I have questioned why this is so hard, as I have regularly fed my...

Celebrating The Summer Games:: Activities the Whole Family Will Love

I have always loved the Summer Games and have probably watched them more than the Winter Games. The opening ceremonies are my favorite part of any games because they are big, full of fun,...

Passion Parenting:: Helping Your Child Explore Their Interests

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid? Maybe it was a princess, an astronaut, or a veterinarian. Or maybe a cowboy, athlete, or a firefighter. I remember wanting to be...

Honoring Your Village On Mother’s Day

Growing up one of six kids, Mother’s Day was always a big deal. A clear your calendar, plan for large everything, lots of food, very big deal. My mother is not only the mother...

5 Questions About Adoption You Should Never Ask

When my husband and I adopted, we knew we were entering an unfamiliar world. Even knowing that so much would be unknown, we wholeheartedly chose to enter this journey to become parents. And this...

Friday Favorites:: Books Edition

Anyone that knows me or has shared more than five minutes of conversation with me, knows that besides my family and faith, my hands down favorite thing in the world is reading. I love...

A 40 Day Journey:: Celebrating Lent Together as a Family

Today is Ash Wednesday, and for Christians around the world, it marks the beginning of the 40-day journey of Lent. These days are a time Christians remember Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness before...

Talking with Our Children:: How to Tackle Hard Conversations

As a mom, I struggle with deciding when to have hard conversations with my son. When something happens, I question myself into a circle:: is it ok to talk about this? Will he understand?...