The New Law That’s Bringing Changing Tables to More Men’s Bathrooms

My husband is one of the most helpful dads around, especially after we added another kid to the mix. When our girls were smaller, Brandon was often the designated diaper changer since I was either breastfeeding the baby or cleaning up something. And yet as you have probably noticed, it’s nearly impossible to find a changing table in the men’s restroom. I mean, it’s 2016 … who exactly thinks only women are changing the diapers? Thanks to a new law, that will now be changing. 

The New Law That's Bringing Changing Tables to More Men's Bathrooms | Houston Moms Blog

{And, can I get an AMEN to some political news that doesn’t involve this year’s election?! Yes!}

The concept of placing changing tables in men’s restrooms has been in the news already this year. You may remember actor Ashton Kutcher started a petition to call for changing tables in men’s bathrooms in major retail stores. {He’s expecting his second child with his wife, actress Mila Kunis.}

Earlier this month, President Obama signed into law the Bathroom Accessibility in Every Situation Act, a.k.a. the BABIES Act. This law requires that both women’s AND men’s bathrooms in publicly accessible federal buildings contain changing tables. Representative David Cicilline {D-RI} introduced the bill, and it received support across the board in Congress. 

Cicilline said on his website :: 

Government needs to do more to ensure that public buildings are family-friendly. No mom or dad should ever have to worry about finding a safe, sanitary place to change their baby ― least of all in a federal building that’s paid for by taxpayers. The BABIES Act is a commonsense proposal that makes government buildings more welcoming for families and helps promote good public health.

These government and federal buildings include places like courthouses, post offices, and social security offices. 

True, this new law only covers certain buildings, but if you ask me … it’s a start. It’s setting a precedent for others to {hopefully} follow. And one that we hope isn’t far behind is a similar law passed for people with disabilities, as moms of growing children with special needs are often forced to tend to their children’s restrooming needs on the bathroom floor – which obviously isn’t sanitary or dignified.  And even when the restrooms do have wall-mounted changing stations, there is always a max weight limit, which is typically around 50 pounds.  Hopefully, laws will be put into place to help solve these challenges too.

The passing of this BABIES Act suggests a step toward gender equality and parenting children with a more “team” approach. We are all in this parenting thing together, and it’s little changes like this that really make a difference.


  1. Finally! As a stay at home father, it is always a hassle to find a changing table. More often than not, I have to change my son’s diaper in the backseat. Major headache!!!


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