Beating the Post Holiday Blues

It’s now January… The Christmas tree is put away in the attic, New Year’s confetti has all been swept away, and the red Starbucks cup is long gone.  This is generally the time where the gym parking lot is full of everyone who has resolved to get in shape for the New Year, but we all know that come January 31, your favorite treadmill will be free again.  People who – just a week or so ago – were singing Christmas carols and calling ‘Merry Christmas’ at the grocery store are back to fighting for a place in the check out line.  It almost feels like the magic has left the air, right?

Beating the Post Holiday Blues

Even though the holidays are over, here are a five ways you can keep the magic alive a little longer…

  1. Make a little “me” time.  I know all of our budgets are recovering from the Christmas spending, so you can do this on the cheap.  Pull out your nail polish collection for an at-home mani.  Pop open that leftover bottle of champagne.  Have your best friend come over after the kiddo’s bedtime to catch up on some Netflix.  {Actually, if your bestie is involved, do all three of those things!}
  2. Lend a hand.  Everyone takes the time to volunteer before Christmas passes, but why stop now?  Stop by the food kitchen for a little volunteer time.  Or what about helping your elderly neighbor pack away his Christmas lights?  Heck, even pay it forward at Starbucks.  You may find that once you get started, you can’t stop.
  3. Snuggle up.  It doesn’t matter if it’s with your hubby, babies, or fur children.  Maybe give out a shoulder rub {or a belly rub if it’s your pup!}.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a foot rub in return!
  4. Hit the pavement.  You don’t have to make exercise your New Year’s resolution in order to get active.  Take the dogs for a hike.  Load the kids into the wagon for a walk to the park.  Race them to the top of the playground.  Just.  Get.  Moving.
  5. Make plans.  Maybe you don’t have a trip in the budget right now, but you can dream!  Talk about places you would go if money were no object and why.  Or if you prefer to be more realistic, get started on Valentine’s decorations {it’s never too early!}.  I’ll personally start planning Skeeter’s 3rd birthday party fairly soon myself.

Bonus idea :: Just share a smile!  You never know how much you brighten someone’s day with a simple smile.

What do you do to fight the post holiday blues?


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