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 Hey everyone, it’s Michelle!  I just want to start off this post by saying how very proud I am of my husband!  When I first told him that he was going to write a blog post, he stared at me blankly like I was speaking in an alien-like language and pretended not to hear me. After some light coaxing on my part, I woke up one morning with his blog post written. I could not be the mother I am today without his love and support – he goes above and beyond the call of duty and does everything that he can to ensure that mine and the baby’s happiness comes first. Enjoy!

I must say before you read any further – I’m sorry. I am not a writer, but with the help of my wife, I think this is something that might make a little sense. I am a first time dad, and now I am a first time blog writer.

Way before becoming a dad- I became a husband.
Way before becoming a dad – I became a husband.

Life before kids. Sometimes it is hard to think about because I have been consumed with nothing but baby for what seems like a lifetime. But in reality it has only been 17 months. What can I tell you about my life before the kid? Although sometimes blurry, it is a life that I did enjoy – but certainly don’t miss. I slept  a lot more than I do now. I could say what I wanted to say and not worry about a little “parrot” mimicking everything.

Before I was a dad, I owned cds by Ludacris and none of the words were bleeped out. Do you want to know what plays in my car now? The Disney Junior DJ Shuffle cd, and I can tell you that song #1 and #14 are some of my the kid’s favorites. Before becoming a dad I could also walk around my house and not worry about stepping on anything other than my wife’s misplaced shoes. Now I can tell exactly which toy I am stepping on in the dark and don’t cuss nearly as loud once I step on it.

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Before I became a dad, Michelle and I could stay out late and have as many drinks as we wanted without a second thought. Now we debate on eating a meal out at a restaurant past 6 pm because it is cutting it close to bedtime for the kid, and if we miss our deadline – all hell will break loose.

Before becoming a dad, I played a lot more golf. Now, I can’t wait for the day my son will be old enough to play alongside of me. Also, before becoming a dad, I knew that kids pooped a lot…but I can honestly tell you that they poop so much more than I originally thought. And it smells so much more than I originally imagined.

Before I became a dad, I really thought I knew what life was all about. I was very, VERY wrong. Life is about less golf, more lego-stepping on, more poop diapers, and less sleep. But life is perfect now, and that is definitely what I learned now that I am a dad. And I am still learning.

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Texas born and raised, Michelle married her husband Michael after seven years of dating and currently resides in the Meyerland area. In December 2012, Michelle and Michael welcomed their first son {affectionately called Baby Apple} and enjoys spending every moment spoiling him! Michelle is a full time working mom in the field of education and a full time student working on her Master's degree {to become a principal one day!}, but in her spare time she enjoys shopping, anything Kate Spade, reading, writing, and traveling. Check her out over at Michelle's Desk to read about all things baby, life, and love!


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