The BEST of HMB :: Top 10 Posts of 2017

What a year it has been for Houston!  From Super Bowl hosting to hurricanes, a World Series Championship and SNOW…  We’ve seen it all, haven’t we?  From the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows, 2017 has certainly been a year to remember, and all of us at Houston Moms Blog are so very thankful for the opportunity to continue impacting families in our community in such a resounding and prolific way.

As we bid farewell to 2017 and say hello to a brand new year, I am both excited and honored to share HMB’s top read blog posts that were published over the past twelve months.  To say that I am continually amazed by this incredible writing team just doesn’t quite feel like enough, and I so wish that each of you could get a peek into the writing process that goes into creating all of our wonderful content.  From the group brainstorming sessions … to the countless hours spent researching … to the time and energy spent crafting the perfect post.  These women are the heartbeat of Houston Moms Blog, and the posts below just barely scratch the surface of their tremendous talent.  So as I ask of you each year, I hope you’ll cozy up with a warm blanket and full cup as you read each of the posts below, and then please help us spread the word by sharing the ones that impact you the most.

From all of us to all of you… Cheers to 2018!

The BEST of HMB :: Top 10 Posts of 2017

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10} How My Husband and I Lost Over 100 Pounds … Together!

“What worked for us may not work for everyone else, but we learned some lessons that helped us survive dieting. You probably won’t find these tips in the pages of any fitness or health magazine, but they have worked for us, and they are worth passing along to anyone out there who needs motivation to just get started . . . ” Brittney

9} Top 10 Places to Pick Your Own Fruit in the Houston Area

“If you haven’t done so yet, add fruit picking to your family bucket list! It’s a family tradition for many in the Houston area, and we want to help get YOU to picking! But as you do, keep in mind the most important thing — the produce picking depends on what is available, which can change on a day-to-day basis. Always call the farm ahead of time or follow them on social media to check hours and availability. {We’ve included phone numbers in our list just for you.} Also, the berries aren’t ready yet for some of these farms, but we wanted you to have a good list so you can be prepared just as soon as they reach prime ripeness . . . ” Andrea

8} Addiction :: The Family Disease

I knew my husband was an addict when I married him. But the thing is, I thought he was cured. He was an addict, but surely now he’s not. He did a week of detox from alcohol while we were dating, and seemed happily sober. We got engaged, we got married. He didn’t need AA or anything like that. All of those problems were over. Spoiler alert: I was wrongAddiction is for life . . . ” Kathleen

7} How YOU Can Help Houston Flood Victims {From Both Near & Far}

“We feel helpless. Watching flood victims being evacuated from their homes and families all across our city {even several from the HMB Team} left with nothing. Our city is in a state of devastation.  And not just in the literal sense, but in the physical, emotional, and psychological sense too.  Our hearts are truly aching for the beautiful city we call home, and for those of us who have somehow been spared — we are yearning to help however we can . . . ” Kelly

6} This Is What It’s Like To Raise a Child with Disabilities

“This is my struggle of raising a child with disabilities. It’s a constant tension of loving him with my whole entire being, but also grieving for what isn’t, and what will never be. It’s an acceptance of an imperfection in his genetic code, and a realization that that same imperfection changed me in ways that are more profound than even DNA . . . ” – Elizabeth

5} No, I’m Not the Nanny

“After a while, the lady began to speak to me. She asked me if I work nearby. Because I did work in a hospital in the area, I said yes. She complimented the relationship between me and my daughter by saying Wow, you two are very close. Then, she hit me with the question that stopped me in my tracks… ‘How long have you been her nanny?’ . . . ” – Erica

4} If Your House Flooded, Here’s What You Need To Do…

“If you’ve recently entered the Flooded House Club due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey {we will call him that to be official, even though we have some four letter words we are calling him off the record}, our hearts are broken in a million pieces for you.  We are so, so, SO sorry you are here. It isn’t fair.  It sucks.  And we wish we could just wave a magic wand and have this whole horrific nightmare come to an end.  But we can’t.  So instead, we’ve got some guidance to help you start taking those first steps to rebuild … and come out even stronger on the other side.  From a self-proclaimed flood expert who has unfortunately been through this gut wrenching situation before, here’s a few steps you can take to begin the rebuilding process once you know your property is safe for reentry . . . ” – Guest Blogger

3} 2017 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps In & Around Houston

“Although we still have a few more months before school ends and summer begins, now is the time to start thinking about summer camps in Houston!  Here you will find a thorough list of day camps and overnight camps, camps for preschoolers and camps for high schoolers, camps for girls and camps for boys.  We have worked hard to find camps that fit all different needs and all different price points, and we hope that this guide will help you plan a fun and stress-free summer for your family . . . ” – HMB Team

2} Two Little Secrets For Surviving the Infancy Season

“Babies spend 9 months living INSIDE a human woman. Their mother is literally their entire world, the only planet they’ve ever known. Then they are thrust out into a bizarrely foreign place, where they suddenly know hunger and thirst and loneliness. They wear scratchy clothes and diapers that get wet or dirty. It smells different, the lights are different, the sounds are different. It is all so different. They are separated from everything they’ve ever known, in a blink . . . ” – Kyla

1} A New & Improved AstroWorld is Scheduled to Open Summer 2019

*Before you get too excited, be sure to note the publish date on this post.  Wink!*

Very Honorable Mentions…

Babies & Beer :: A Guide to Houston’s Kid-Friendly Breweries – Erica C

Elegy for a Home – Jennifer

Divorce Is Not A Dirty Word – Jaime

What I Wish I Would Have Known About Swim Team – Jenny

What’s One More? {On Deciding to Have a Third Baby} – Jenn 

The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs – Jaclyn

About That Creep at Target… – Kristine

My Son Lost His Life … But He Saved Mine – Michele

The Reality of Child Abuse – Christine

What to Buy at the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chelsea & Meagan

Thinking About a Third Baby? Go For It! – Sarah

Texans Win! {Your List of Freebies & Deals All Around Town} – Heather

The Evolution of My Womanhood – Vinicia

How My Anxiety Brought Me Peace – Ana

Measuring Life in Summers – Stephanie

A Promise to My Son {In Honor of Distracted Driving Awareness} – Laura

What was YOUR favorite post of 2017?  We’d love to know!

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