Calling All Secret Agents for a Mission with Puzzle Post

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Do you have curious kids who love the idea of being a secret agent on a mission? Are you looking for an entertaining and super unique gift for a 7- to 10-year-old? We just discovered Puzzle Post and it is so much fun!

Puzzle Post comes in the mail with all the components of a secret mission tucked inside a flat blue foil bag. Inside is a “Top Secret” folio that contains the clues kids need to crack a code. Once they complete the mission, they can go online where they’ll find a personalized secret message waiting for them. What’s really neat is that the person who orders the Puzzle Post game gets to create the secret message!

Kids love getting something in the mail. One of the first things my excited kids pulled out of the envelope was a letter typed on Secret Service letterhead. It started with “Dear Secret Agent,” which was enough to make my 7-year-old’s eyes go wide in anticipation.

How Does the Puzzle Post Game Work?

Agent Jones, the Chief Spy Master, is writing them for help. She explains that she’s discovered a series of clues to unlock a secret message. However, she can’t crack the code on her own and is enlisting them to help solve nine separate puzzles.

Each puzzle holds a piece of a passcode. Once they uncover the answer to all nine puzzles, they’ll have the entire passcode. After that, they can enter this code online to reveal the secret message.

When my kids opened the package, they were so excited that they dumped all the contents out on the table. We sorted through everything first by finding the numbers printed on the corners of each of the components. After arranging them in order, they got to work.

There are a variety of puzzles designed to test all sorts of different (spy) skills like logic, math, observation, and more. Each one is different and just challenging enough for this age group.

For instance, to solve one of the puzzles, they held a clue with a jumbled looking message up to a mirror to decipher it. The clue gave them a word problem that they easily solved. They also took turns using the invisible ink pen for another puzzle. My daughter especially liked the one where she cut out a shape and folded it in a special way to reveal the answer.

How Much Do We Like Puzzle Post?

As they completed each puzzle, my 10-year-old daughter filled in the blanks on their special “Confidential” letter to keep track of their progress. At some point while doing so, she said “This is so fun! Do you have any more of these?” I guess Santa needs to add one more thing to his list.

My 7-year-old was just as eager to get in on it. I made sure that they either worked together, or that he had a chance to do one on his own. I loved how focused the two of them were on this game and how much they were enjoying solving puzzles together. What a great way to get them away from a screen!

At one point, they were stumped on one of the puzzles. Luckily, the letter from Agent Jones said that if we need help, we can visit the listed website for hints. I was so glad Puzzle Post thought of this. We went online, got a hint, and were back on track in no time.

I also think the personalized message component of the game is amazing! What a great way to send a congratulatory note, reveal the location of a Christmas present, or make a surprise announcement of some kind. (“We’re going to Disney World!”)

How Can I Order a Puzzle Post?

• You Personalize – go to the Puzzle Post website and create your secret message to be revealed at the end of the game. The recipient won’t be able to see this until they crack the code.
• They Send – Puzzle Post stashes your message in their online vault, packs the Puzzle Post, and pops it in the mail addressed to your recipient.
• The Kids Solve – Once it lands on their doorstep, the recipient has fun figuring out the puzzles inside. Afterwards, they can log in to the online vault and reveal the secret message you sent.

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