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Taryn Melgoza is a natural light photographer who in her own words - "has a passion for squishy newborn babies, chasing after crazy cute kiddos, a mom-to-be’s growing baby bump, and the joy of a happy family laughing together." ...

ABC’s of Me :: Chelsea

A ll About Me :: I am a very new mom learning to navigate my way through the world in my new role.  Before baby I spent my free time trying new restaurants around town with my husband of four...

ABC’s of Me :: Becky

A ll About Me :: I have dreams of writing and changing the world. But for today, I'm changing diapers... and I wouldn't have it any other way. I live in that vortex, like many stay at home moms, of being...
As a mama, back to school means one thing to me....ROUTINE. I love routines and even more than that, I love being organized. The best way to keep my busy family organized is with a planner, and planners don't...

ABC’s of Me :: Jenn

A ll About Me :: If you really knew me, you would know that ICEES and hot showers are my go-to mood changers, and a good run can clear my mind like nothing else. On that run, both Jay-Z and Hootie...

ABC’s of Me :: Kelly

A ll About Me :: I am a lover of bluebonnet season in Texas, rainy afternoons spent snuggled on the couch, and all things chocolate.  Those sweet belly laughs that only a baby can make - they make me smile. ...
Here at Houston Moms Blog, we love working alongside other inspirational mamas who are striving to make our amazing city an even better place to call home.  And today, we are so thrilled to be introducing you to one...

Hellooo, Houston!

The countdown has been on for right around eight weeks now, and so far - this whole experience has kind of felt like the start of a new school year.  It is like we have been buying all of...

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Houston Guides + Resources

A Houston Moms Guide to Katy Asian Town

There are so many things to love about Houston. At the top of many Houstonian’s lists is how beautify diverse our city is in...

Houston Happenings | September

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