{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston

Spring in Houston is one of the best times of the year. {Unless it decides to rain every day of spring in said year.} Luckily, this year we’ve had some great weather which means my family has had fun getting out and enjoying it as much as possible. One thing we love to do each spring is visit Froberg’s Farm to pick strawberries. We put on our boots, grab a bucket, and make a day of it. It always reminds me of the times I visited my grandparents’ family farm and helped them pick or plant whatever was in season, and I’m so glad I get to expose my girls to something similar so close to our home.

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

I was so excited to meet Michelle from This Moment Photography after following along with the other sessions she did for some of my fellow contributors. I especially loved watching Kristine’s son, Ray, being baptized during their special session. It was such a memorable moment for the whole family, and Michelle captured it perfectly. I knew I wanted to capture a fun tradition that my family did each year, but I wasn’t totally sure what to do until I saw a friend’s posts about picking strawberries. I thought about how much fun Amelia had when we picked them last year, and I knew it would be perfect.

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

The weather was beautiful, I mean, look at that sky! We packed the car, met Michelle, and headed out to the fields. Amelia was eager to find the biggest and reddest strawberries she could, and she did. She filled her bucket to the brim within the first 30 minutes of picking. It was so fun listening to her search for just the right one and saying, “I love this one, Daddy,” or “Wow, look at this one, Mommy!”

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

Evelyn enjoyed watching everyone pick and even got to play a little bit in the fields herself. She’s grabbing everything these days, so she loved feeling and tasting all the new textures that were around her.

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

Although the wind was crazy that day, it made for some fun shots of the girls’ hair blowing around, and it didn’t bother either of them one bit! As you can see, they didn’t let anything stop them from biting into the delicious strawberries. Don’t worry – I was able to wash all the red out of their adorable dresses as soon as we got home. Even if the stains hadn’t come out, it would have been worth it for all the fun they had!

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

I just love this shot of them together. Such a sweet moment and one for the memory books for sure!

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

These last shots of the girls sum of their personalities perfectly. Evelyn is so happy and content with watching the action, and Amelia is running around without a care in the world. I truly will cherish these images forever and hope to work with Michelle again in the future. I think she’d be perfect for helping to capture any celebration, small or large.

{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | HoustonMoms Blog
{How We Celebrate} Spring in Houston | Houston Moms Blog

Below is the video Michelle put together which shows exactly how much fun we had picking strawberries together on a windy March day. Enjoy, and be sure to connect with Michelle about creating some fun memories for you and your family!


Connect with Michelle and book your session below…

This Moment Photography

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Please Note :: As we wrap up this post, we have to give This Moment Photography a great, big thank you for graciously sponsoring this series and capturing all of our special celebrations as part of it.  We are so grateful to partner together with her on this project and encourage you to contact her too!

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