Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Home

By now, most of us have been stuck in our homes for at least six weeks. We’ve played all the games, done all the activities, seen all the new Disney movies. Easter has come and gone, and probably at least one or two birthdays of special people in your life. Typically, you may celebrate these events with a big activity at a crowded restaurant or venue, but we don’t have that option this year. All of our celebrations need to be done in the comfort of our own homes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less grand. For the sake of normalcy, I have been recreating as much as I can for our little family. My toddler doesn’t know the difference, but she knows she’s having fun. Over the Easter holiday, we did the baskets and egg hunts and brunch and dinner and matching smocked attire, just the four of us. And that’s my plan for any holiday or celebration for the foreseeable future. The next “big” one is right around the corner – Cinco de Mayo.  As a native Texan, I always enjoy this holiday, and this year, it falls on Taco Tuesday! I’ve put together a few ideas turn your Tuesday into a fun celebration to mix up your week! 


I’ve always loved a good charcuterie board. Recently, I started following The Baker Mama on Instagram and she completely opened my eyes! This woman can literally turn anything into a board! Breakfast, baked potatoes, nachos, hot dogs, you name it! So, a few weeks ago, she posted a taco board and I decided I had to try it for a Taco Tuesday. Y’all! It was such a hit! My two year old, when I presented it to the table, exclaimed “Yay mommy! You did it!” And my husband also loved it. Plus, we didn’t have to get up 50 gazillion times for refills because everything was right there. It’s the same exact stuff I always offer, but for some reason, putting it on a board made everything so much more fun!  Put out all your family favorites and you’re ready to go. 


Is it possible to have tacos without margaritas? I say make a pitcher that everyone can enjoy and add parental contents to just the cups that need it! 


Once I commit to an idea, I commit! After I decided I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home, I decided to peruse amazon for some fun decor. It was pretty easy! But hurry up and snag something as shipping times are a little longer than usual. 


Just like any toddler, mine loves a costume. I found a cute dress on amazon for her and a cute taco romper for my baby! We’re all ready to do for our home shindig and it only took me about 20 minutes during nap time to order everything. 

Doing all of this mixes up the ordinary makes your regular Tuesday a little extra fun! It doesn’t have to be crazy and you don’t need to stress out to make it happen. I’m not a Pinterest mom, as you can see, everything for our “party” has been purchased on amazon, but figure out what works for your style and make it happen! Don’t let the rain, or in this case, Rona, stop your parade. 

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