Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Houston

Quiz time :: what is the significance of Cinco de Mayo?  Many people think it is Mexican Independence Day, but it is not – that holiday is September 16!  Go poll some of your friends and co-workers if you don’t believe me.  It’s actually a celebration, now mostly observed in the United States, that signifies the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla.  History lesson over.

When most people hear Cinco de Mayo, they think margaritas and Mexican food.  I like any reason to celebrate something, decorate the house, and make my Monday special!  Plus, any excuse for chips and salsa is always welcomed in my book.


My house is already covered in Cinco de Mayo decor for my son’s first birthday fiesta this weekend – but if yours isn’t, fear not mi amigo.  I will get you ready in five cinco easy steps ::

UNO – Quick and easy decor

Think bright colors!  You can buy a pinata at your local Target {around $15.00}, Party City, or Houston’s own Arne’s Warehouse.  Make your own Papel Picado {just search “Papel Picado DIY” on Pinterest}, or even easier – purchase this fun digital download chalk print on Etsy by Jandpaper {featured on my t-shirt above} to display in your home.

DOS – Pinata time

That pinata that is serving as your decoration in your home will also pull double duty as entertainment on Cinco de Mayo.  You can fill your pinata with anything!  Candy is the most traditional, but if you don’t want your ninos to have a major sugar rush on a Monday night, fill it with fruit snacks, crayons, or stickers.  It really doesn’t matter since whacking the pinata is the fun part!

TRES – Attend a fun event

We are so lucky to live in a large city with so many options for celebrations this weekend.  *Some of the major ones to note include the Cinco de Mayo Parade downtown on Saturday and a special performance by Las Americas Ballet Folklorico at the Children’s Museum of Houston also this Saturday, May 3.  Check out the Houston Press Houston Cinco de Mayo Guide for a full list of events.* {2014 info, please check current sources for correct dates and times.}

QUATRO – Wear something festive

You don’t need to run out and buy something new {unless you are looking for an excuse, then keep reading}.  Just look through your closet for something bright – think primary colors.

If you do have the shopping itch, check out Old Navy.  They have some festive tops and dresses right now that won’t break the bank including the one pictured below.  I can’t seem to find it online, but I know that stores in Houston currently carry it.  Another shop to check out is SaSea Decor for the “Fiesta Like There’s No Manana” tanks, sweatshirts, and baby tees…and yes, this is the same chalk print that you can download and print in #1 above.


CINCO – Mexican Food!!!

The easiest way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is to eat some yummy Mexican food {my favorite food group}.  Turn Taco Tuesday into Mole Monday this year.  There are some super easy recipes out there for enchiladas, crock-pot taco soup, and seven layer dips on Pinterest.  Long day?  Skip all of that and just have chips and queso!  All you need is one can of Rotel and some Velveeta.  Done and done.

For dessert you can make Sombrero Cookies!  There are lots of fancy variations of a “sombrero cookie” on Pinterest these days, but my favorite is the old school peanut butter cookie with a Hershey kiss on top!

If you would rather go out to eat, you are in luck because Houston has the most amazing Mexican food!  I know this may start some controversy as many Houstonians are mucho opinionated about their favorite Mexican food spot, but here goes nothing!

  • Best Fajitas :: Lupe Tortilla
  • Best Queso :: Escalante’s
  • Best Quesadillas :: Lopez
  • Best Burrito :: Chuy’s
  • Best Enchiladas :: Escalante’s
  • Best Guacamole :: Escalante’s {it’s made table-side so you can get it exactly how you like it – extra jalapenos for me!}
  • Best Margarita – Tie ::  Pappasito’s & El Tiempo
  • Best Date Night sans kiddos :: Hugo’s
  • Most Kid-Friendly :: Lupe Tortilla {some locations still have sand pits for the kids to play in}
  • Best Atmosphere :: Escalante’s {all locations are great, but my favorite is the location in Highland Village}

You can clearly see my overall favorite!  Don’t agree?  Leave a comment below and share your vote for best Mexican food in Houston!


  1. Oh friend! Best enchiladas??? Sylvia’s HANDS DOWN!!! But totally agree on the Guac choice 🙂 Plus, how is it not super fun to have it made in front of you? I’m always envious that they have the perfect avocados every.single.time. That never happens to me when I hit up Kroger.


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