Your Changing Body :: 30-Something Edition

30-Something Body

You would think after having your body a good 30-ish years, you would know how it works and how to work it.  And just when you think you have it together, your body changes.  And adding a baby or two {or six} to the mix is sure to mess things up even more.

Intro to Your 30-Something Body

There is no exact point when a woman gets her 30-Something Body; it can happen as early as 26 or as late as 35 depending on your genetics and how many kids you have, but it WILL happen.

How Do I Know If I Have a 30-Something Body?

Well, a key sign to having a 30-Something Body is when you start to see errant gray hairs pop out of your head.  You will think, “Oh, this stray hair is just turning the complete opposite way of every other hair on my head. Time to switch mousse.”  But then you get home and realize the shiny reflection is in fact a gray hair.  And just like cockroaches – if there is one, there are several.  You just have to find the wrong mirror angle.  And then you realize that hair anywhere on your body can, and will turn gray.

Also, an innocent trip to get your eyebrows done might turn into your aesthetician noting the not-so-subtle hairs above your lip.  On your chin.  On your cheeks.  And said aesthetician may not-so-subtly ask you if you want to rip the hairs out of your face with hot wax.  At this point your mind might say, “Oh no, I don’t need that,” but a quick look in the harsh, full sunlight of your rearview mirror might tell you otherwise.

You might also notice that in addition to your new-found hair, you will from time to time get an outbreak of pimples, a problem you figured was reserved for teens going through real puberty and exam stress.  But oh no! 30-Something Body will not let you forget.  You might wake up one morning and realize that 30-Something Body left you with a nice shiny zit on the side of your face. Or even worse, right on your nose.  Middle school style.

But What About My Cycle? Surely That Will Even Out.

Oh never.

With 30-Something Body you really never know what you’re going to get.  Old wives tales might have you think that just because you had a baby that your cycle will be lighter.  That might be true one month and then totally different the next.  You also might notice that some months your cycle will never seem to end.  And other months it might be just a day late causing you to go into extreme panic causing even more zits and gray hairs.  Fun times.

It might take a while, but you will start to notice you {and your family, by proxy} might suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome {PMS}, post-menstrual syndrome {also PMS}, and the occasional OMG-I-Don’t-Have-Time-For-This-I’m-Having-My-Menstrual-Syndrome {OIDHTFTIHMMS}.  In which it is best for everyone, including yourself, to stay out of your way.

Making 30-Something Body Work For You

You might sometimes get down about your 30-Something Body.  You might accidentally click the terrible “On This Day” feature on Facebook and see a picture of your 20-Something Body in its glorious form with its tight jeans and cropped shirts and remember a time when you could go out in the middle of the week or sleep past 9am on Saturdays.

But don’t dwell on that.  Embrace your 30-Something Body.  Remember that with every amaretto sour from your 20s also came a terrible hangover.    Know that your body has gone through sleepless nights and early mornings with babies.  You’ve been pooped on literally and figuratively, and you’re still here.  It’s the only body you’ve got, so you have to love it, take care of it, and not be too hard on it.

And most importantly, learn that wine isn’t as fancy or expensive as you once thought, and you can count it as a part of the grocery budget.

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