Child Information Card {FREE Printable for Car Seats}

We live in Houston.  Where the traffic is terrible and the car accidents are as common as donut shops.  When I’m the one stuck in the never ending line of cars waiting to get around an accident, I know my thoughts aren’t typically empathizing with the people involved in the wreck.  In fact, my thoughts aren’t typically nice at all.

DSC02156It’s one of those things you don’t think about until it happens to you or someone you know.  You’re in a car accident.   Your kids are with you.  You’re knocked unconscious. Your kids are too young/too scared/too injured/unable to speak.  The first responders need to help them, but they don’t know a single. piece. of information.  Of course the first responders do their best to treat the children and will send them on to a hospital if needed {as a John/Jane Doe}, but wouldn’t it be so much better if they knew any pre-existing medical conditions or important medications or just who else they can call besides the kids’ mom? It could very well save a child’s life.

Enter the Child Information Card.

I’ll admit that when a friend first suggested I do this, I thought it was brilliant – but it still took months to actually type out the info and tape it to my kids’ car seats.  I’d drive around feeling guilty about not being prepared for an accident, especially when the kid usually with me has many special needs and a few medications to boot.  Don’t be me!  I’ve made it SO EASY for you.

Simply print out the Child Information Card, fill it out, and secure it to the back or side of your child’s car seat. {I used clear packing tape, but if you’re fancy – laminate it.}  And don’t forget to update it when information changes!  Hopefully, it won’t ever be needed, but you just never know.  If nothing else, it’ll give you peace of mind and THAT’s worth something.

Child Information Card

 Click here for PDF download.


    • Honestly, I do not know what authorities are trained to do and where to check for information. But I feel better knowing that the information is there for them to find! I have mine highlighted in bright colors and visible on the side of the car seat to make it stand out as much as possible.

      • I have info in my car laminated and taped to the roof of the car (inside) above the childrens seats. There is a note in my glove box as well as on the dash instructing EMS where to look for info for the kids. I also worry about them not finding the information.


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