Childless Friends are Underrated

In college I had a long list of friends and sorority sisters.  We spent our time going shopping, hanging out at each others’ apartments, and making impromptu road trips.  We had nothing tying us down.  Then, one by one, those friends started getting married and having kids.  Suddenly, they weren’t up for late night concerts or hitting our favorite restaurant at midnight.

Don’t get me wrong – I was thrilled for these friends.  I attended baby showers and ooh’d and ahh’d over squishy newborns.  But I just wasn’t in that phase of my life.  I didn’t understand the stress of being a new parent.  And I certainly wasn’t ready for a baby of my own.  Sadly, as a result, some of these friendships faded away, and we lost touch.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s my turn to enter into parenthood.  And guess who can’t up and run into the city for drinks on a weeknight {unless it’s an HMB Mom’s Night Out, of course}?  And had to schedule dinner around my pumping schedule?  {I’m raising my hand.}

I have some great mommy friends who are an incredible support system to me.  If my child has a fever in the middle of the night, I’m totally texting a mommy friend because they’ll understand and have some advice.  Play dates at the park?  Definitely a mommy friend.

But I’ve learned that those friends that don’t have kids yet are totally underrated.  Yes, they may gag a little when I talk about spit up or {sorry guys!} baby poop.  But if I need a last minute manicure buddy, guess who doesn’t need to search for a babysitter?  These friends.  Or if my favorite author is coming to Houston on a weeknight, guess who’s meeting me at the bookstore to wait in a mile long line for autographs?  Yep.  And {most importantly}, guess who keeps me up to date on the latest fashions {and therefore out of mommy jeans}?  Hallelujah.

Someday these friendships will change as those who want kids start growing a family. And I’ll be so excited to accept them into my circle of mommy friends.  But I totally cherish them as they are right now.  And if you’re one of these friends I’m talking about, thank you for sticking by my side.

Childless Friends


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