13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know

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It’s been a little over a year since I got my Costco membership, and you would be AMAZED at the things I’ve bought and the Costco hacks I’ve learned along the way.  And while yes, I know that sometimes the word “hacks” can be in reference to immoral or harmful behavior.  Rest assured that these are totally on the up and up.  In fact, I actually learned most of them from Costco employees!  It’s just the way they do business, with a dedication to saving mama’s money and providing stellar customer service … which is yet another reason why I love them so.  But I digress.

Since becoming a member, I’ve bought a king size mattress in a box {SO comfy}, new clothes for every member of my family {that $9.99 dress tho}, holiday gifts straight off the wish list {woot!}, and enough paper goods / food / wine to supply an entire small village.  Oh, and all at a fraction of the cost that I’d typically spend at a department store or retailer.  Did you know that Costco only has a 2 – 14% markup, while other stores carry anywhere from a 25 – 80% markup.  It’s true!  And it makes my stomach do flips thinking about how much money I could have been saving over the past decade.  So to make up for it, I’m saving all of us moms some money with these Costco hacks.  They’ll change your life, and keep some money in the bank for you too!

After you check out these 13 Costco hacks, be sure to register for our upcoming Costco Mom Hour event below! It’s a FREE event with complimentary breakfast, swag, giveaways, and an amazing Membership Special that you won’t want to miss!!

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

1} The Parking Lot

Can we just talk about the parking lot for a minute?  If you’re new to the world of Costco, then you *need* to know about their oversized parking spots with buffer room in between.  It’s perfect for moms of littles who need to open the car door wide to unbuckle kids or get out baby carriers.  And while this may not be the greatest hack you’ve ever heard, it will save your car from dings and scratches – which I can’t say about other stores here in Houston.

2} The $.97

When you start shopping, pay attention to the signs with the price on them.  Most regular priced items at Costco will end in a $.99 {ie, $10.99 or $74.99}, so if you see products with a price ending in $.97 {ie, $4.97 or $59.97} – be sure to snag them up, as this indicates a price reduction for Costco and a big savings for you.

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

3} The 30-Day Price Adjustment

While you’re watching those price signs, keep in mind what you’ve bought recently and how much you paid for it.  And while you’re at it, look through the circulars that will come in the mail too.  If you see a price drop or a coupon pop up, then you can bring back the product and your receipt for a price adjustment.  But only for up to 30 days!

4} The Green Labels

Going back to those helpful price labels, if you’re looking to shop organic – then look for the color green.  Green labels indicate organic products, so keep an eye out for that color as you’re carousing the food aisles.  {Fun Fact :: Costco is leading the nation in organic sales.  Wowzas.}

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

5} The Manufacturers

Did you know that some of your favorite brands might be on the shelves of Costco just disguised as their private label – Kirkland Signature?  At many big name manufacturers, Costco has it’s own assembly line where they manufacture similar products … just with the Kirkland Signature label … and a much lower price on the shelf.  Word on the street is that brands like Tyson, Starbucks, Duracell, Nexus, and many others are all partnering together with Costco for the KS products we love.  

6} The $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken

Okay, so the $4.99 rotisserie chicken may not be a true hack.  Buuut, did you know that it has no preservatives, no MSG, and is USDA grade?  Plus, there are a million ways you can turn a rotisserie chicken into a quick and easy meal.  And that in itself is a mom hack.  Amiright?

7} The Food Court

Speaking of quick and easy meals, be sure to plan your shopping schedule around lunch time, especially if you have kids in tow.  They’ve got a $1.50 hot dog and drink combo that could easily be split between two small children.  And if you ask the food court employee to split the frozen yogurt into two cups, they’ll do it with a smile too.  Add that all up, and you can feed two kiddos lunch for about $3.  Now, that’s a steal!

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

8} The Samples

Okay, last one about eating your way through Costco, but the samples at Costco are always on point.  If you go during peak hours when the samples are aplenty, you’ll likely eat almost a full meal just by making your way through the warehouse.  Plus, it’s a great way to try out new items or products you’ve been eyeing … but haven’t wanted to buy an entire case of them without testing.

9} The Gift Ideas

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s likely you need to buy about 3984397 gifts.  Here’s a couple hacks to help…

  • Keep your eye out for multi-packs.  Just this week, I saw eos lip balm in six packs that would be perfect for splitting up and dropping in stockings.  I also saw Popcornopolis multi-packs that would make delicious additions to those holiday teacher gift baskets I’m working on.  Moral of the story… Buy in bulk and divvy up yourself to save some cash!
  • Stagger your holiday shopping based on coupons.  If you start soon, you can take advantage of the October coupons to buy a few items off your list, then the November coupons to knock off a few more, and then wrap your holiday shopping up with the December coupons and a few ribbons from the seasonal section.  It’s a great way to spread out the spending and save lots of money too!

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

10} The Gift Cards

Don’t let that title fool you.  While this hack may be about gift cards … they certainly don’t have to be gifts.  Gift cards at Costco are priced ridiculously low compared to their value, so be sure to stock up – especially on the places that you know you frequent!  For example, El Tiempo gift cards are priced at $74.99 for $100 worth of gift cards.  If you know you will be eating there, swing by and grab the gift cards first.  It will save you 25%!  And around the holidays, they usually have American Girl and Build-A-Bear gift cards which could reaaally help with that new Melody doll or a custom stuffed animal in matching rain boots.

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

11} The Seasonal Section

From holiday decorations to table settings to outfits to food…  If you’re entertaining for the holidays, shop. at. Costco.  Can I say that again?  SHOP. AT. COSTCO.  Right now, they’ve got the biggest pumpkin pies I’ve ever seen for just $5.99.  {And they’re delicious, I might add.}  Oh, and while we’re talking about entertaining, they have crazy good deals on great quality wine as well.  I’ve hosted many a parties on Costco finds for well under $100 – wine included!

13 Costco Hacks All Moms Need to Know | Houston Moms Blog

12} The Services

This is the hack I all too often forget about.  But it’s where you can save the biggest bucks!  Did you know that Costco offers TONS of services both in and outside of the warehouse?  Travel, car rentals, auto buying, insurance, mortgage financing, water delivery, identity protection, optical, photo lab, etc, etc, etc…  They’ve got them listed all online, but if you call the number – they can usually help point you in just the right direction and get you fun perks as well.  {Free car rental upgrade for the win!}

13} The Pharmacy

The pharmacy is a service that deserves a section all to itself.  Right now, they’ve got $9.99 flu shots – which is super timely and the lowest I’ve seen them this season.  Not surprising, since Costco is ranked the lowest costing pharmacy by CNN.  Side note, but you can even get pet meds for your fur babies there too!

Phew!  Ready to go shopping now?  Us too!!  So about that fun {and FREE} Costco Mom Hour event we have coming up…  Be sure and read through all of the event details below, then register for your chance attend at the warehouse closest to YOU!



Day, Time, & Participating Locations

Friday, November 4th

9 – 10am

Participating Locations
Bunker Hill {1150 Bunker Hill Rd, Houston TX 77055}

Houston {3836 Richmond Ave, Houston TX 77027}
Sugar Land {17520 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land TX 77479}
West Katy {23645 Katy Fwy, Katy TX 77494}
Pearland {3500 Business Ctr Dr, Pearland TX 77584}

Don’t live in Houston?
Click HERE to see other participating Costco locations all across the nation!

What to Expect?

Just like last year, this event will be much more than just an extra hour of shopping time! Attendees will also enjoy a continental breakfast {coffee, juice boxes, bakery items, etc.}, membership specials, giveaways, and more. Plus, the first 100 families at each warehouse will receive a swag bag PACKED with products to take home too.  In them, you can expect to find things like trail mix, fruit snacks, microwave popcorn, granola bar, juice box, applesauce pouch, protein shake, etc…  Plus, brands like Downy, Bounce, Tide, Mr. Clean, Pantene, Crest, etc… In addition, each warehouse will have three awesome giveaways, including two $100 Costco Cash Cards and a one year supply of Tide Pods!  Be sure to follow the Costco Mom Hour {Houston} event page, as we will continue to share details and info leading up to the event there!

Also, please note that both members and non-members are welcome to attend this event.  However, you must have a Costco membership in order to make purchases.  Which brings us to our next topic… 

Membership Special

This year’s Membership Special will be a $20 Costco Cash Card with a Gold Star Membership – plus $43 in coupons which will be mailed.  {Word on the street is this Membership Special is as good as it will ever get from Costco!}  All you have to do is simply purchase the special online, print it off, and redeem it in store.  And if you choose to upgrade to the Executive Membership, you will get an additional $20 Costco Cash Card too!

While this offer is only for NEW members {ie, someone who has not been a member for at least 18 months}, there is an added incentive for current members as well…  If you’re currently a member and you bring a friend who signs up for a membership, then you’ll get a $10 Costco Cash Card just for the referral. {Limit of 10 referrals per member.}  

Can’t make the event, but want to take advantage of the offer?  Go for it!  ANY of our readers can redeem this offer by following the registration below and simply selecting that you won’t be in attendance.  It’s THAT easy!!

How to Attend…

The event is FREE to Houston Moms Blog readers, but ALL ADULTS MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND!!!  {Children are welcome, but do not need tickets.} As mentioned, this is a national event happening in many cities across the states, so you will need to scroll through the options and find ‘Houston Moms Blog’ to ensure you register correctly.  Then, use the drop down to select how many people you are registering for, scroll to the end, and click ‘REGISTER.’  From there, it will take you to a landing page where you can fill out all of your information, such as which warehouse you will be attending the event at and whether or not you are a current member.  Also, while both members and non-members are welcome, you do need to have a membership in order to make purchases.  So be sure and take advantage of that stellar Membership Special while you can!

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Please Note :: By RSVPing to this event, you understand that your photo or that of your child may be taken and give permission for Houston Moms Blog and their affiliates to use it on their site, in promotional materials, and/or on their social media platform.  Additionally, everyone that RSVPs will be subscribed to our email list {if they have not been already} in order to provide the most timely and up to date event info.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! i have been a costco member for years but never taken advantage of their travel services – after reading ur list, i went a rebooked our SUV thru costco that i made last wk on my own (thank goodness i could cancel that without penalty!) and i just saved $60 with costco!

  2. Correction: The prices in Costco ending in 7 in the cents position of the price indicate a CLEARANCE or a CLOSEOUT item! (OBTW Sam’s Club uses a 1 in the cents position for the same purpose)

    • Unfortunately, we were only able to host Costco Mom Hour at a select number of locations this year, and Willowbrook is not one of them. But we’d love to see you at one of the other warehouses instead!


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