6 Creative Gift Box Ideas {…that are perfect for sending in the mail!}

We can’t always be near the little ones we love. Whether our nieces, nephews, or best friends’ children, they aren’t always close enough to visit as often as we would like. We may not get the chance to hand deliver a beautifully wrapped birthday or Christmas present to those sweet faces that live in faraway places. However, who says they don’t deserve to be just a little spoiled by their long-distance friend or aunt? Sometimes life is harder than it should be, and in today’s world it is easier than ever to send a box of love to brighten their day. I’m not saying money can buy love, and I wish I could show up and hand deliver a hug instead. But here are a few fun gift box ideas to spoil those little hearts and show that you are thinking of them when you can’t just drop by and hold them.

Even better, all of these seasonal “care-packages” are $35 or less! These are all gift sets I sent to some dear friends, but they can be tailored to your little loves preferences or restrictions. Many of the items were ordered from Amazon or Target and sent directly to their house or ordered to a store near them for in-store pickup.

6 Creative Gift Box Ideas {...that are perfect for sending in the mail!} | Houston Moms Blog

School’s Out For Summer

“I hope this news isn’t a bummer, but woo-hoo, school’s out for summer! It’s time to be lazy and sleep in late, you know, maybe even past eight. Let your Momma get some rest, but make sure this summer is the best. Don’t forget to have lots of fun, and even enjoy running around in the sun. Here are some goodies you may find cool, if only because you can’t wear them to school!”

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Hair Chalk
  • Crazy-colored nail polish

It is never a bad idea to check with their parents first, but how much fun are temporary tattoos and purple hair?

Family Movie Night

“It’s been a busy season, and you’ve been driving all over town; now it’s time to relax and wind down. I wanted your New Year to start happy and bright, so I’m sending some goodies for a family movie night. Pop up the popcorn, snuggle with Momma under a throw, don’t forget the candy, and I hope you enjoy the show!”

Have some fun picking out their favorite candy, a new family-friendly movie, and some good old fashioned popcorn. Who says you can’t keep them entertained just because you live across the country?

Ready, Set, Go!

“Honk, Honk, Honk. Beep, Beep, Beep. This month I’m sending a special treat. I hope this surprise brings a smile to your face, now it’s time to have some fun with a friendly race. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, and don’t worry kids, Momma won’t choose a side. Start your engines and shift into gear; zoom around the cones, and watch your rear. If you don’t want to cross the finish line last, make sure you steer well and step on the gas. Now there’s just one more thing you need to know; don’t forget to wait until you hear, READY, SET, GO!”

This box was a craft and activity in one! If the kids are old enough, they can help make traffic cones and create an indoor race track. It never hurts to include batteries with this surprise too.

Monkeying Around

“Monkey see, Monkey do. Here is some fun just for you. Grab a vine and swing on through; go bananas just for a few. I hope you enjoy the game and don’t end up grumblin’, just because you might be the one whose monkeys go tumblin’. Grab a seat, a snack, and get ready to play; you never know, these monkeys might just make your day!”

What can I say? I like monkeys, and this one just sounded like a blast!

You Are My Sunshine

“The temps are high and it’s warm outside, so get on the swings and rock the slide. Here is a little fun for the great outdoors; I sure hope you won’t find it a bore. It’s time to blow bubbles galore, fly a kite, and run around some more.”

You can never have too many bubbles! This gift set is a great one to tailor to the specific interests and ages of the children you love. If they are old enough, you could add a hula hoop or Velcro toss and catch game.

Bunny Hop Easter Egg Hunt

*Save this idea for Spring!*

“Hippity hop, bippity bop. Around here the fun just doesn’t stop. Momma has hidden some fun in the yard; hopefully finding them won’t be too hard. Hop around and search for some eggs; bounce quickly and make sure to use your legs. See who can gather up the most, but just for fun and a reason to boast. In the end you will both be a winner; I just hope this surprise didn’t ruin your dinner!”

Send those little ones a fun outdoor Easter egg hunt. They will have a blast hopping around like a bunny to find all the eggs! As a bonus, all that hopping just might help them use up the extra energy from their Easter candy.

Whew, that was fun! I can’t wait to spoil some adorable little kiddos with more fun surprises this year.

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