Dear 9 pm Momma, I Thought of You Today

Dear 9 pm Momma, 

I think of you often in the evening. I wonder how you are doing at the end of your day. What sorts of things you’ve carried with you today and if your day was similar to mine? Did your day feel different or was it reminiscent of the several days before? 

Were you scolded for preparing the wrong food again at breakfast? God forbid you made homemade pancakes instead of Eggo waffles. They changed their mind at the last second and you had to pay the ugly wrath of it, didn’t you? In our defense, nobody informed us that being mind readers for irrational little people was a part of our job description. 

But that’s not the only mistake you made today, I’m sure. 

You handed your kids their clothes naively expecting them to get dressed on their own. And when they didn’t do it, you bargained with them and chased them around the house only to successfully get one arm shoved through the hole of their t-shirts. And then you gave up. Because at 8 am, you’re already tired. 

To break up the tension of your day you suggested a TV show for them to watch. But again, that’s never an easy fix either. After several arguments back and forth between the kids, they finally settled on Daniel effin Tiger. You obliged. There’s always lessons to learn from the friendly feline::When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath, and count to four.

Let’s be honest, you needed to hear DT’s lesson today just as badly as they did. I promise you, it’s ok. 

While the kids sat quietly for 5 seconds in front of the television, you remembered that you forgot to move that load of laundry to the dryer from the night before. And you hope like heck that it passes the mildew smell test. Because starting over feels daunting so early in your day.

And later while you were standing in your closet deciding what to wear for the day {yoga pants it is again}, reveling in your few moments of solitude, I bet your kids trampled in demanding that they needed a snack. 

Why. Are. They. Always. Hungry?!

You looked down at your phone to see if one of your mommy friends texted you something. A funny GIF or an encouraging text – anything to make you feel like you were not alone. The bestie nailed it once again.

As the day progressed, I bet you found yourself looking for that missing toy that led to a life or death situation. And you slowly regretted ever buying the smallest dang toy on the market. After 10 minutes of frantically looking, you discovered it right where you told your child to look the first time. They conveniently missed it hiding out in the open. 

You wondered if anyone in your house was capable of finding ANYTHING. Besides you of course. Because all mommas mastered in finding vanishing toys. 

3 p.m. is considered your “glory hour.” Usually by this part of the day your kids are ready to chillax for a little bit, and so are you. While you aimlessly scrolled through your phone, your husband came down to ask you the same question he’s been asking for the past 156 {who’s counting} days since he’s been working from home. 

“What’s for dinner?” And you thought to yourself, “Is this a real question or a conversation starter?”

Leftovers saved the day again. 

After another night of wasted food, you picked up the mess from dinner and put the dishes away. At this time of your day you’re getting fed up and tired, right?

I bet your kids were running in circles around your house arguing and screaming at each other which reminded you of the GIF that was sent to you earlier in the day, and now you really can’t tell if your 3 year old is crying or if you are. 

That’s when you signaled that it was bath time. Almost home free. 

You finished baths, and moved on to books and bedtime. This is the sweet and gentle part of your day. The kids are tired and you soak in those last intentional moments before your little sweethearts dream new dreams for a new day of possibilities ahead. It’s the subtle reminder in your day, that even though they are growing up, they still desperately need their momma to tuck them in at night.

I know you’re exhausted 9 pm momma, because I am too. We’ve done all the things today. Together. Whether you see me or not. And we continue to do it day in and day out in the most stressful and chaotic year of our lives. 

I love 9 p.m., and I bet you do too. We finally get to rest. Read. Dream. Drink wine. Whatever it looks like for you. This is your time. I hope you always keep it sacred. I’m thinking about you tonight like I usually do. Sending you all my love and hugs. You can do this. 

Your Biggest Fan,

The Other 9 pm Momma

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Katie is a born and raised Midwesterner. She graduated from college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December of 2008. After college she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Houston in April of 2009. A month later she met her husband David at her apartment complex swimming pool, and I guess you could say the rest is history. She now resides in Katy, TX with her husband David and their two children Avery {December 2014} and Myles {April 2017}, and will be welcoming another little boy this fall. Before kids, Katie had a career working in Commercial Real Estate, but once her daughter was born she figured out quickly that being a stay-at-home mom was something that she was destined to do. Her passions include in no particular order :: drinking coffee, collecting jewelry, fashion, fitness, cooking, politics, and crime/detective related Netflix series. In her free time you can catch her spending time with family and friends, drinking a glass of red wine, watching sports with her husband, trying out the latest hot spot restaurant, traveling, laughing, and not taking life too seriously.


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