Dear School, Please Forget What I Said About You in May

Dear Preschool, Montessori School, Elementary, Junior High, High School, Classical Model, University Model, Homeschool, and ALL THE SCHOOLS IN ALL THE PLACES…

Can we be friends again? Like the best of friends? You know the ones, the ones that talk for hours without ever checking the time? Because sitting here in the month of August, I more now than ever see your value. I know I said some terrible things about you back in the spring, but that was a good 3 months ago when I had grandeurs of summer on my mind. Things like summer reading programs through the local library, making homemade play-doh while drinking Kombucha, and DIY splash pads in the backyard. Back when the thought of signing another homework folder or filling out another reading log made me want to slap my momma. I didn’t know who I was back then; my lips were as loose as a certain politician’s opinion on…well, anything. I can’t be held responsible for what I said as I was but an innocent bystander swept up in summer’s deceptive ways. I needed an intervention, and I’m sorry.

The reality is, we need you. I need you! My children are currently eating Lucky Charms out of a ziplock bag for dinner, while watching I don’t even know what on their electronic devices. My daughter has turned her daybed into a lion’s cage in which she holds her brothers hostage, all because, yet again, that temptress Summer made us believe that not having a bed or a schedule was going to be fun and spontaneous. Even my dog ran away twice today…because we all need an out.

Turns out living life from one moment to the next as if we are following the colors of the wind Pocahontas style, has just left us exhausted. We need your 6:30 am wake up calls, your 7:30 pm bath time rituals, your 8:00 pm bedtime prayers, and FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND HOLY, YOUR ACTUAL 8:30 PM BED TIME.

Don’t get me wrong, summer brought us some good times. We have laughed almost as much as we have melted down, our tans are on point, kid #2 went to over night camp for the first time, and kid #3 finally learned to swim {3 down, one to go}. But, I would give anything to just pack a lunch {okay fine, put money in a cafeteria account} and sign some homework folders. Dare I say I miss you so much, I would even embrace an “All About Me” poster at this point, if it meant dropping off all 4 of my sweet blessings to their smiling teachers for their minds to be stimulated and for me to remember why we had 4 children in the first place.

So in just 2 short weeks when I post all the Instagram photos of my precious little dears holding their personalized first day of school chalkboards in front of our front door, you will hear me make comments like – “How did they get so big?” and “Summer over already?” But don’t let it fool you because just between me and you, I love you school. I love everything about you.

Well, at least until May anyway…

Your biggest fan,

Jenny “Summer is Kicking My Rear” Jones

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