Dear Superhero:: Call Your Mom

Dear Superhero,

You are adventurous, sometimes fearless {much to Mimi’s dismay and your dad’s delight}. But your heart is tender and your words are kind. You are selective with your hugs, which makes them all the more valuable. You tell it like it is and your laugh is a chorus. Oh, dear nephew, don’t tell anyone, but you’re my favorite.

You made me an aunt and that’s something that will always belong to us—just you and me.

Dear Superhero:: Call Your Mom

I knew you were coming, even before your mama told me. It’s a sibling thing…you’ll understand one day. I knew you were on your way, but I had no idea how much of an impact you would have. I was worried about your mom more than I was worried about you {sorry, kid}. But she’s my kid sister and I needed to know she was okay—that she could do this. But then, we saw you. When we held you, the world shifted. There was a new center. And can I tell you this? Your mom loves you, more than life itself. You are her best friend. 

I didn’t know I could love a little pink mass as much as I do. Sorry, but you didn’t do much during your first few months of life. But then, you did something remarkable. You became your own little person. Your personality began to sneak through the cracks of time and move past the baby giggles and form words. Clips and phrases that became your own vernacular that we struggle to understand sometimes {I promise, we’re trying}. And those expressive eyebrows! {You get that from your dad.}

But hey there officer, can you stop writing citations for spilled Cheerios and give your Aunt K a minute? I have some things I want to tell you. A few words of wisdom I’ve collected over the years. They may not mean much now, but I hope you’ll tuck them away and pull them out someday when you need them.

Dear Superhero:: Call Your MomJust fess up.
Just a hint, superhero. When your mom asks, “Who did this?” she already knows. Just tell her the truth. I know it can be physically painful, but you’ll get in far less trouble if you do. And just for the record, when your boss asks, they usually have a pretty good idea already, too.

Don’t be a jerk.
You pretty much have this in the bag, but it’s a good reminder. Be kind to those around you and make sure they are kind to others, too. You don’t want to be associated with unkind people.

Follow your passion.
I don’t know if you’ll be a soccer star or first chair trumpet, but follow what you love. Right now you have so many interests and it’s incredible {and exhausting}. I won’t lie to you and tell you that you can do anything, but you can work hard toward any goal. And I’ll be embarrassingly loud on any sideline.

Keep your thirst.
Always explore your world. Something happens as we become adults and some of us lose that insatiable curiosity to explain the things around us. Try not to. Keep searching and asking questions. The world is a fascinating place.

Superhero, Call your mom.
I think you were a year old when your mom starting having a breakdown about you running off and getting married and your future wife being closer to her mom…you caught the fact that you were 1, right? Superhero, call your mom. She misses you. {Call your aunt, too, okay?}

Don’t be so picky.
Man, kid. I hope you grow out of this picky eating stage. {Although neither of your parents has, so…} There is a whole wide world out there of amazing food and incredible flavors! And your foodie aunt can’t wait to share it with you. Sushi date, on me.

Keep reading.
Oh, you love books so much. And I love you for it. You have memorized your favorites and can “read” them back to us. Sometimes you say them wrong just to see if we’re paying attention and you think it is hilarious {I mean, it is}. I know I flood your mom with books, and I’ll keep sending you books, forever {pinky swear}.

Be the big brother.
There will be times in this life that you will have to be the older sibling and all that that entails—you’ll know when. I hope that when that time comes, you’ll step up. You’ll protect your sister and be the rock that she needs. I hope you both will look to each other and know that no matter what, you two can tackle a lot together.

Make mistakes.
Mistakes are important, they help us learn. Don’t be afraid of them or what other people think of them. Whether it’s in the classroom, in sports, or with people. But, repair them, too. If you don’t learn from mistakes, that’s when they can become failures.

Let yourself love.
Love yourself, love others, love life. Open yourself up to new people and experiences. You are immensely blessed in this life and afforded several opportunities—embrace them. Putting your heart out there means it could get cracked, but it will mend.

Dear nephew, above all, pray. Establish a faith that is all your own, independent of any of us. In your highest highs and deepest valleys, your faith is what you will turn to and what will get you through.

There are times in this life that you will no doubt feel like you have been ground to dust, but remember, dust can be turned into clay. And clay can be molded into some truly beautiful things. Take this life and squeeze every single morsel out of it that you can. Travel when you can and rest when you need it. Drink up knowledge like you’re on a lifelong bender. Forgive easily but don’t live recklessly. Also, visit your aunt. Some of my greatest adventures were visiting my aunts when I was young—we get the luxury of not having as many rules as parents.  

You, my little superhero friend, are going to change the world. You’ve already changed mine.

I love you so, so big. But seriously, call your mom. 

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