Dirty Words and Where to Find Them :: Romance Books to Get You In the Mood

Need an escape into pure entertainment and want to get in the mood? We’ve got a collection of romance books that will do the trick.

Dirty Words and Where to Find Them: Romance Books to Get You in the Mood

What makes you blush? 

For me, it’s not what you would expect. 

I don’t get embarrassed easily. I’ve flashed my neighbors so often {I don’t believe in wearing a bra to check the mail} that I’ve learned to just live with the uncomfortableness of block parties. 

Last week, I blew a kiss to the principal of my children’s school. Completely unintentional. But likely, to happen again. 

And in my mothering prime, I once soaked an entire Starbucks counter with breastmilk. Directly from my bare chest, in a million little directions. Because I thought I could quickly order while nursing and couldn’t possibly have known that my babe would release her hold on my nipple at the exact moment I said, “extra shot, please” to the unexpecting barista. 

NO ONE is gonna buy those overpriced almonds now. 

But if you try to pay me a compliment, heat hits my cheeks immediately.

If I think I have offended someone in any way, I’m red as a Cardinal.

And if you dare to ask me ANY serious question about things I haven’t heavily researched but probably should have an opinion on by now WHILE drinking my $13.99 wine, I go full body blush and it’ll linger until the detox. 

Also, my skin pretty much stays crimson throughout any conversation with a teacher. 

But hand me a naughty book, ANY will do, and my hands remain steady as I calmly devour its contents.

Not a hint of rose on those fluffy cheeks. 

Dirty Words and Where to Find Them :: Books to Get You In the Mood

No one will ever seek me out for meal prep advice.

They won’t ask my thoughts on organizing a playroom, preparing age-appropriate Montessori activities, or my thoughts on ANY upcoming election.

And I’m not known for my fashion. 

But I am often called upon to delve out my latest discoveries in the romance section.

Specifically, the ones that make a good woman clutch her pearls.

Hide her paperback. 


Dirty Words and Where to Find Them :: Books to Get You In the Mood

Research is important. Grammar, in romance, not necessary. 

And I’m obviously not reading these kind of books for their literary impact or, and most often, lack of. 

This is for entertainment. For escaping for a bit. 

It doesn’t have to be more profound than that. Sometimes a mom just needs to read a different kind of bedtime story. 

The upcoming list is compiled from my own fantastic research and recommendations from friends.

I’m not an expert, just a fan. 

There’s a reason why Romance/Erotica is the biggest selling genre, ya’ll. 

At least you know you’ll be in excellent company. 

Bonus, you can even read these romance books in the car-rider line and teacher of the year, Mrs. Smith, will be none the wiser. 

Steamy Stories for Everyone 

Paranormal Romance Books {My personal fave} 

The Southern Vampire Mysteries {aka, Sookie Stackhouse novels, aka, True Blood on HBO}

Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Immortals After Dark series 

Guilty Pleasures {Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series}

The Darkest Night {Lords of the Underworld series}

Pleasure Unbound {Demonica series}

LGBTQ Romance Books


What are your favorite romance books that you didn’t see mentioned? I’m always looking for something new to keep me up at night. 

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  1. I’m also a fan of Illona Andrews’ paranormal romances. I think their best series so far are Kate Daniels (starts with Magic Bites) and the first trilogy in The Hidden Legacy series (starts with Burn for Me). They’re slow burn, but the world-building is so much fun that you don’t care.


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