Simple & Fun DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

As a former teacher, I can honestly say that Teacher Appreciation Week was one of my favorite parts of the school year! If you have school-aged kids of your own, I have come up with a couple of super cute, easy, DIY Teacher Appreciation gift ideas for you. These gifts are also perfect for the on-the-go mommy that is stretched for time and needs something in a pinch to show that appreciation for their child’s teacher!

1. iTunes Gift CardYou Rock iTunes Finished

This idea is one of my favorite go-to teacher appreciation gifts! As an administrator, it was my duty this school year to shower our teachers with practical and reasonable appreciation gifts from the admin team. I brainstormed what it was that I wanted to receive as a gift when I was a teacher – and the first thing I thought of was an iTunes gift card! I always listened to music when I lesson planned, and I knew that this gift card would be a fun way to say “thanks” for all of their hard work! Now, this printable and quick gift idea can be yours with a quick print from your printer and some tape!

How I did it ::

I printed the photo and cut it out in a scalloped shape. {I did it “kindergarten-style” with some scissors and a steady-ish hand!} Then, I taped the gift card to the center of the printable.

Total cost – $15.00 {the gift card was the only thing I had to pay for!}

Print the image here!

2. Inspirational Picture Frame

Big Heart Finished

Another simple and easy DIY way to show appreciation for your favorite teacher is to frame an inspirational quote like the one I created below! I simply went to Hobby Lobby and bought this off-white picture frame for around $10.00, printed out the printable quote, and placed it in the frame. I also added a Starbucks gift card {the exact amount for a venti latte!} on the top left corner of the frame just for a little added bonus.

How I did it ::

I printed the image and cut it out to fit a 5 x 7 picture frame. Once I had the quote secured in the frame, I added a small amount of tape to the back of the Starbucks gift card and attached it to the frame. The great thing about this appreciation gift is that you can put any type of gift card on the frame!

Total cost – $10.81 for the frame + $7.00 for the Starbucks gift card = $17.81 total

Print the image here!

Teacher Appreciation week is May 5th through the 9th! Don’t forget about your favorite teacher this year!


  1. I love TAW. I try to go all out for my daughter’s daycare teachers – I sneak in early and decorate the doors, I do a special lunch (rather than drop off and say “here”), and we do fun gifts throughout the week. Today was a donuts with “donut you know how much I like you?” attached to it.

    I know other classes that spend months collecting money, and I think that’s terrific. Teachers definitely don’t get paid enough to help raise our children so this is part of the reason why my family tries to go all out for TAW.


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