Dreaming of Chamomile :: Celebrating Better Sleep Month

Dreaming of Chamomile :: Celebrating Better Sleep Month


That elusive, fickle, spectacular magic. 

Restorative. Sublime. Requirement for your continuous breath {she a diva}. 

I think about her, often. Curse her name in the dark. Sacrifice my beauty in an attempt to gain her favor. 

She hides. Not under the covers, I’ve checked. Only me and Harry Potter jammies. 

But no matter how much she alludes me, I still long for her.

My anxiety about her arrival, often leading to sleepless nights. I can’t even blame it on the kids any more; they are old enough to ignore. So, the problem lies within me.

But I’m working hard to change that. And I’m going to share my best secrets with you. 

Dreaming of Chamomile :: Celebrating Better Sleep Month

May is Better Sleep Month. Championed by the Better Sleep Council (BSC) and used as a reminder of the benefits of good sleep and how crucial it is to our health and well-being. Also, my crankiness level.  

The National Sleep Foundation’s guidelines encourage adults to aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Babies and children, of course, require a bit more snoozing to help with that whole “growing up” thing. Lucky.

All this to say, it’s a big deal. And people are hollering at you about it. For good reason. 

A few tips that can help prepare you for a good night’s sleep::

  1. Your Sleep Schedule 

Easier said than done, I know. But the more you stick to a sleep schedule {asleep at the same time every night, waking at the same time every morning} the more likely you improve your chances of a good night’s sleep. The consistency will help you achieve a dependable sleep-wake cycle {the aim being, 16 hours awake, 8 hours sleeping}. Which WAY smarter people than me, declare the goal. 

2. Your Bedroom

Create a better environment in the place you lay your head. A comfortable mattress (as daunting as the task of choosing one seems, is important), a pillow that has just the right amount of lumps, mask {silky or patterned, whatever you please}, black-out curtains, etc. You need to set the mood. That applies to sex and sleep. Both, benefitting from the right mattress. 

3. Your Electronics

Hide electronics an hour before bed. The light they emit can keep your brain active and alert, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. If you can, keep your phone out of your room completely; charge it in the kitchen and use a regular alarm clock, instead. This one is simple and cute. 

4. Move Your Body

Moderate exercise completed a couple of hours before bed can help you fall into sleep more easily by boosting the effect of melatonin, a natural sleep hormone. It can lead to a deeper sleep, which is always my goal, and something worth pursuing. 

But be careful not to work out too strenuously right before, it could lead to your body being over-stimulated. The opposite of our desires in bed. 

5. Your Caffeine and Alcohol Intake 

Limit your use of each {even the wine, though this might break me} for an easier transition to sleep. 

6. No Big Meals Right Before 

Try not to eat any big meals two to three hours before bedtime. Indulging on too much before you lay down, can lead to discomfort and irritability. 

And a few products that I have personally tried and recommend for a better night’s sleep::

Bedtime Tea (My #1 Rec)

Yogi Bedtime Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Relaxation Tea

Hey Girl Night sleep

The Republic of Tea, Get Some Zzzz’s 

Noise Machine

I’ve had this bad boy since my kids’ were newborns; I can’t sleep without it. But for a cheaper, more portable option, I recommend the Sleep Pillow app. 

Sleep Gummies 

I’ve tried a few, the one I prefer is Olly Sleep.

Weighted Blanket 

Some are way more expensive than I believe they should be, but you can’t deny their effectiveness. This option has wonderful reviews and not a horrible price. I have two blankets given to me from kind friends, one is 12 lbs, the other 15. Heavier than they look, but perfect for me. 

Sleep Mask

Blocks out light and looks pretty doing it. This option is super affordable and gets the job done. 

Sleep is crucial to your health. I don’t think that is news to anyone. And some people, such as new parents and people with intense work schedules, may not have the luxury of planning out their own sleep schedule and sticking to it. I get that. I was there not too long ago. And I hope you are able to find rest in your day.

But for others, aiming for 7-9 hours a night, even if we sacrifice a bit of our Tik-Tok scrolling and Outlander binges, is a worthy goal. One we should prioritize and respect. 

No matter how dreamy Jamie Fraser is.

{I was late to the Outlander fan club, forgive me as I catch up and name drop too often.}

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