Easy Fall Crafting:: DIY Wreath and Halloween Sensory Bin

It’s fall y’all and my favorite time of year! I love this time of year and pulling out all of my fall decorations, seeing what I have and what I can add to my collection each year. Over the years crafting has become a hobby that I enjoy, but I am certainly no expert. Decorating is something that makes me feel good and I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when a decorating vision comes together.

My creative side has definitely been enhanced since I started doing home and decorating projects with my mother-in-law after my husband and I purchased our home almost seven years ago. One of my favorite things that we do together is shop at Hobby Lobby. We get into lots of trouble together there. Lol. So it’s no surprise that I got the majority of the materials I needed for this post at Hobby Lobby. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I could get lost in that store for several hours, lose track of time and not care.

Since I already made a wreath for my house, this fall I decided to make a wreath for my mom. Here is how you make it ::

Fall Wreath


  • Wood stand alone wreath
  • Your favorite fall fake flowers {found in the seasonal section of Hobby Lobby}
  • Fall wired ribbon {mine is 1.5 inches wide}
  • Floral wire
  • Wooden Letter {I like to use the first letter of the last name}
  • Command hook
  • Staple gun

Easy Fall Crafting:: DIY Wreath and Halloween Sensory Bin

 Crafting Instructions::

First I wrapped the wreath with the orange and white checkered ribbon. You can use whatever size of ribbon you’d like {there are different width dimensions}. Since the ribbon is wired it wraps well to the wreath and you can tuck it into the wreath to get it to stay. Before sticking the flowers into the wreath I center it with my eyes to make sure I know which part is my top and which part is the bottom.

Next, I stick my flowers into the left portion of the wreath. This part is the most difficult because there’s no right way to do it. I add and change the flowers until I get it just right and like the way that it looks. 

For this particular wreath I used the letter “O.” Next, I added a staple to the back of the “O” and used the secured staple to wrap my wire around and then hook the wire to the wreath on the right side to secure it in place.

Easy Fall Crafting:: DIY Wreath and Halloween Sensory Bin

That is it y’all! You can put the wreath on your front door or add it to a place inside of your house for a nice, fall touch. This was fun, easy and under $50 to make!

Halloween Sensory Bin

Another fun project I did was put together a Halloween sensory bin for my kids. This was also super easy to make and let me tell you, my kids have absolutely LOVED playing with it. Especially my four year old daughter who enjoys all kinds of sensory activities. 


  •  Plastic bin {or any kind bin/container you like}
  •  3, 16 oz bags of yellow popcorn kernels, 2, 16 0z bags of red beans and 1 32 oz bag of black beans
  • 16 oz container of candy corn or any candy of your choice
  • Halloween related prizes – I added glow sticks that are pumpkin eyes, glow stick necklaces, sticky eyeballs, jewels, plastic eyeballs, fake spiders and Halloween stickers
  • Halloween buckets to keep their prizes in

Easy Fall Crafting:: DIY Wreath and Halloween Sensory Bin


Crafting Instructions::

Get your bin, add all of the popcorn kernels, red beans and black beans first. Then dump in all of the prizes! So easy! I gave this to my kids over the weekend and they have spent several hours playing with it so far. 

I added the candy corn as a filler, but they have enjoyed eating it too! My daughter has loved the texture of the kernels and beans in her hands, smelling things, eating the candy and separating out all of the prizes. My two year old son has loved it too and just follows along with all of the ideas his sister has. Crafting for our little ones doesn’t have to be expensive; I made the sensory bin for under $40. 

Easy Fall Crafting:: DIY Wreath and Halloween Sensory Bin

Now if it could only feel like fall in Texas I would be a happy camper. I know, wishful thinking. I hope you try one or both of these out and if you do, reach out and let me know how it goes! Happy fall crafting!


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