Easy First Outings with Baby

I am sure you have noticed that there have been a lot of new bundles of joy arriving for the Houston Moms Blog teamTiffanie had precious Hadley at the beginning of the month.  Sarah‘s little boy will be here in just a few weeks.  And my beautiful little girl Lainey is just one week old today.  So in honor of all of these sweet arrivals, I decided to give a little insight into life with a newborn and share some easy first outings for moms and new babes.

First Outings 1

After bringing home a new baby, getting out of the house can be a challenge. But soon you will probably be itching to get out and feel somewhat ‘normal’ again. Even the smallest outing can be so refreshing and remind you that – yes, life does go on! You may feel like you haven’t slept in days {because you probably haven’t}, you are not sure when you showered last, you have completely leaked through your nursing tank, and you aren’t sure who has cried more – you or your baby. A little outing may be just what you need to restore your sanity and allow you to feel human again!

So whenever you feel comfortable getting out and about, keep in mind these easy first outings ::

Go on a walk

Fresh air and exercise can be so therapeutic. And babies tend to like the movement too. Even if they don’t like it at first, they may calm down sooner than you think.  It is nice that when out on a walk you don’t have to worry about crowds or germs or people touching your baby.

First Outings 2

Tip :: For tracking your distance, Map My Run and Nike Running are great free apps.


I cannot tell you the number of trips I made to Babies’R’Us in those first few weeks with my first baby. Whether it was buying different brands of diaper cream, buying a 5th type of pacifier to try out, or exchanging baby shower gifts…there was always something I needed. But really, it is a great place to go with a new baby. If you need to change or feed your baby while you are there, they have a mother’s room with a rocker and changing table. Plus, if you forget anything {diapers, wipes, etc.}, you are obviously in the right place!

Tip :: If you need to return a baby gift but are not sure which store it came from, use the free Red Laser app to scan the bar code.

The Mall

I like going to the Galleria. I can window shop while getting some exercise, which is a nice option when the weather isn’t great. If your baby needs to be changed or fed, Nordstroms is great because they have a very nice women’s lounge area. Also, if you have older siblings with you, they can burn off some energy at the Little Galleria play area. And there is a nice big family restroom right by there too!


What’s not to love about Target? They have pretty much everything you need and everything you didn’t even know you needed. Whether it is baby supplies or inexpensive cute clothes for the transition phase of your post baby body, some retail therapy can be nice. And…I have definitely breastfed my baby in their dressing rooms on more than one occasion!

First Outings 3

A Lunch Date

Choose an off-time to go {to avoid crowds and germs} and meet up with your hubby or a friend. Even just grabbing a quick coffee or dessert can be fun. If the weather is nice, go somewhere with outside seating so you won’t be worried about disturbing anyone with a crying baby.

Okay, your turn!  Where was the first place you took your little one? How long did you wait before taking him/her out?


  1. What a great post! I swear I lived at Target during my maternity leave. I went so stir crazy that I just had to get out. Target was the best place because I could get starbucks and also makeup shop in the same place!

  2. The mall was where I lived when I had my first! And not even to shop (though let’s face it, I’m sure I did). It was in the thick of summer so being able to walk around indoors, while sipping a smoothie, and stop by a nursing room to feed and change the baby….bliss!

  3. With the first, I was a crazy mama…and we NEVER left the house because I was super scared of germs and people trying to touch him and pretty much everything. {Total NICU mommy move!} Then with the second, I didn’t leave the house for a long time simply because I was intimidated by going out with a toddler and a newborn on my own!

  4. These are great tips! I wish I would have read this 6 months ago. I was so scared to leave the house for fear of a screaming baby and not knowing what to do when I was out in public so I never went anywhere except for walks.

  5. After my son was born, the mall and Target were our second homes! Our first trip was five days after he was born…I had to get out of the house. And, that was even after a c-section! We are expecting our second baby in January, and I’m sure it’ll be the same way.


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