How to Save Money…From the Couch {+ $100 Amazon giveaway too!}

There’s nothing I hate more than paying for something only to find out later that I could find it somewhere else for less. I’m that mom who always checks Amazon or some other price comparison app before buying something in store to make sure that I can’t get it somewhere else for a better deal. I’m also the person that makes sure all the bills are paid on time in our house {anyone else’s husband the king of late fees?} — so I always notice when all of the sudden we’re paying more for one bill or another. I then pass the bill to the negotiator in our house — my husband — so that he can call and haggle with that service provider or company.

Just this year alone, we have negotiated with our cable and internet providers. This was a long and tedious process since said company wasn’t budging at first, but once Super Bowl and Parenthood {tear! — missing that show like crazy} were both over and I decided that we could do without cable or internet for a week or so if need be, we called to firmly cancel.  Suddenly, said company was now willing to work with us.  And just this past week we negotiated our car insurance after I noticed a hefty price increase without notice or reasoning. Thankfully, those reps were a pleasure to deal with, and we agreed to continue to our partnership and remain a policy holder for roughly the same cost.

Each and every year, though, we go through the same process — notice bill increase, call, take time out of our day, negotiate, haggle, sometimes call other companies and competitors for quotes, and continue to call again and again until we compromise or we cancel. It’s tedious, and honestly, we don’t find anything fun about haggling.

Now, thanks to our newest sponsor Electric Choice, they’ve taken on all the responsibility in helping us save money or not overpay when it comes to electricity in Texas.  Through Electric Choice, you can save time and compare electricity rates in one fell swoop.  Since Texas is a deregulated state, the cost of electricity can vary greatly, and personally, I definitely do not want to overpay for this commodity when my neighbor is getting it cheaper. In just a few simple steps, you can check electricity rates in your zip code. It’s quick, it’s easy. See for yourself — below are screen shots from a search I just did.

Step 1 :: Head on over to their website and enter your zip code.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.28.30 PM

Step 2 :: Browse through the options and rates in your area.


As you can see above, for Houston’s 77006 zip code, the rates range from from 8.2 cents to 12.4 cents per kWh – BIG price jump there.

Step 3 ::  Be sure to check out reviews and promos applicable and listed for some providers.


Step 4 :: Choose your money-saving provider by pressing select next to desired option.

Step 5 :: Enter your property specifics.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.32.33 PM

Step 6 :: Lastly, you can sign up and register right then and there. All through Electric Choice — in just a few clicks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.38.44 PM

Thank you, Electric Choice, for doing all the work for us.  Now … time to notify the negotiator in our house — we are overpaying for electricity in our home.  The great news is that we are likely not under contract anymore with our current provider, which means we can save time, just enter our information and preference on Electric Choice, and let them do all the work for us.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is overpaying each and every month, so I strongly encourage you to go give it a try too.  {Here’s the link.}  It only takes a minute or two, and you have nothing to lose by entering in your zip code and browsing through your options.  But I can tell you that you have lots and lots of money to gain!

Speaking of which — not only are they saving us time and money, but Electric Choice is also giving one lucky reader a $100 credit to Amazon. Be sure to check out Electric Choice and then enter below to win. Good luck!


Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Electric Choice are proudly our own…and we really do want you to save money with them too!

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Tiffanie, originally from East Texas, has called Houston home for over 10 years now. She and her husband met during undergraduate studies at Stephen F. Austin State University. They have one son, Preston {Jan 2011}, who was born with a very rare congenital heart condition and underwent a very successful open heart surgery at Houston's own Texas Children's Hospital when he was just two days old. In October 2013, Tiffanie welcomed a daughter, Hadley, into this world. She adores seeing life and this great city through the eyes of her children. She is a practicing physician assistant, passionate about Endocrinology and diabetes. Committed to connecting moms and families to all the fabulousness of this great city, Tiffanie started serving as our Sponsorship Coordinator in January 2014. Her days are now filled to the brim with taking care of her family, her patients, fielding sales calls, and scheduling sponsored posts. Her favorite pasttimes include drinking a full-bodied glass of red, retail therapy, a nice long run, and being near a beach - water soothes her.


  1. I think Electric Choice is an excellent source to compare prices in your area. Their website is user-friendly. And the company is registered with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

  2. i loved Electric Choice because it gave me just what I needed at the right time! This May i will be up for renewal with my current electric company and I found very cheap rates thanks to this site!


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