Elsa, You Win…We’ve LET IT GO!

You know that picture in your head of what you thought your post married post child{ren} life was going to look like. The one that only shows up in perfectly posed Instagram pictures with the laundry cropped out of the photo. {Take a second to create your picture.} Well, mine doesn’t really look exactly how my rose colored glasses thought it would!

As I’ve moved further into this motherhood/wife/life journey and further into my thirties {okay mid-30’s}, I’ve decided to just go ahead and grab Elsa’s hand and LET IT GO. I started expressing this new exhilarating phenomenon with others…just dropping teeny tiny things that I may or may not have outsourced or given up altogether…and you know what? It’s super empowering for you and your audience.

So I reached out to the best panel of moms I know and asked {forced} them to share with me what they have decided to just LET GO. The end result was powerfully therapuetic, and I even picked up some additional things to just go ahead and scratch off the list in the process. Are you ready to LET IT GO and you just need the push? We’re pushers!  Please tell us what you’re whispering in Elsa’s ear up on the North Mountain!

As for the Houston Moms Blog contributors, this is what they said…

  • I’m not making a home cooked meal every night. I’m not spending Sunday cooking for the week. In this season, it just doesn’t fit into our time, and I’m done trying to make it happen and/or feel guilty about it. I LET IT GO and left those feelings at HEB.
  • I’ve lifted the TV restriction. Sesame Street on repeat so I can breathe. LET IT GO, no guilt, and move on!
  • I’m LETTING GO of potty training pressure. They aren’t going to kinder with diapers. DONE.
  • Incentive based parenting is my friend. Incentive based parenting is my friend. Incentive based parenting is my friend. See – I LET IT GO!
  • I’m done wearing a bra. Sports bra/bra-let/hybrid/something…here I come. I LET IT GO, and judge away because I don’t care!
  • Cafeteria food is perfectly acceptable, and my kids beg to eat it. I’m done making school lunches, why was I wasting my precious time for so long? I’ve LET IT GO!
  • No more cleaning my closet, I’ve LET IT GO! I clean every other speck of my house, but I’m releasing myself from closet organization. It will get done when it gets done! FREEDOM!
  • I’m not shaving my legs. And I’m not ashamed because I LET IT GO! Off to Target to stock up on tights and leggings!
  • For the next three years, I’m posting my non-perfectly posed pictures. I’m trying really, really hard to LET IT GO!
  • Pop-Tarts are being handed out for breakfast. I LET GO preparing healthy breakfasts. Three kids, two different schools, and a little at home…a Pop-Tart never hurt anyone!
  • I’m over rallying siblings. Events, presents, holidays. I’ve got my own family and not enough energy to make you show up and be present. I LET IT GO.  Enjoying my wine at Thanksgiving stress free!
  • The dryer is a perfectly acceptable place to store clean laundry. I don’t want to fold and put away something that will be worn the next day. It’s been LET GO! Suzy Homemaker – chew on that.
  • No DIY Halloween costumes this year, no perfectly crafted class treats, or hand sewn bunting banners. Amazon Prime and the Target Dollar Bin are my savior. I sooo LET IT GO!
  • I’ve LET IT GO at the playground. I don’t want to small talk, I want to sit and play on my phone and de-stress myself as I prepare for the witching hour. Maybe tomorrow?

Clean, cook, raise children, work, work-out, craft, marriage, friendships, bills, budgets…we’ve LET IT ALL GO. We’ll be on the couch in yoga pants eating bonbon’s, sipping “Mommy Juice”, and watching the Mindy Project on Hulu. Text Dad if you need something!

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Sarah, a New Orleans native, transplanted to Houston after Hurricane Katrina and has never looked back. Mom to big sister Maggie {Aug 2011} who keeps her on her toes, the most adorable little brother Jack {Nov 2013}, and one final addition arriving in August 2016! Sarah is constantly striving to have it all as she juggles working on the managerial and operational end of the healthcare industry, planning adventurous weekends to explore all Houston has to offer with her husband and kids, and keeping up with friends and family. You can follow along with Sarah’s daily life on Instagram at @sarahschnure.


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