Empowering Every Girl to “Ignite Her Power” and Her Future

We are honored to partner with the Girls Empowerment Network for this unique event specifically for our girls in Houston.

Sometimes I look at my daughters {like we all do} and worry if I am making the right decisions for them. Am I teaching them what it means to be a woman? Can they stand up for themselves when I’m not around? Will they worry about the same things I worried about at their age? How can I take those worries away? 

The Girls Empowerment Network is hosting their 4th Annual WE ARE GIRLS HOUSTON Saturday, April 27th from 9:00am – 3:00pm at Hogg Middle School. This event is designed for thousands of 3rd – 8th grade girls and the adults who care about them to come together to learn about what it means to be a girl. With dynamic break-out sessions and an empowering dance party, girls get to be totally in charge of their day. They walk away inspired by what’s possible and with a new belief in their personal power. The 2018-2019 theme is “Ignite Her Power.”  

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We Are Girls Houston reflects this diversity. There is a place for everyone at this event. The organization in charge, the Girls Empowerment Network, is currently working with schools in Houston ISD, Fort Bend ISD and Spring ISD by listening and responding to the challenges of girlhood and customizing programs for individual schools in the area. All that knowledge shapes We Are Girls Houston, making the event a unique experience for all. By getting a thousand girls together in one place, they are able to have a lasting, local impact that is greater than after-school programs. This event makes a difference in girls’ lives and gives them inspiration to last a whole year. 

WE ARE GIRLS HOUSTON also features two nationally-known speakers who are coming to Houston to ignite the power inside every girl. Shanterra McBride, the founder of Marvelous University, offering life coaching and success planning for young people, specializing in leadership development for girls and young women. She is a sought-after speaker on all things related to young people, speaking on topics such as teasing, friendships, cyber-bullying, including sexting, and teen relationships.  In addition to working directly with young people, she educates adults on how to be better advocates for young people.

 Jodi Bondi Norgaard, the second speaker, is the founder of Dream Big Toy Company and the creator of the award-winning Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls, books, and apps for girls encouraging healthy and active play over fashion and body image. An expert in creating change, she empowers and inspires with her entrepreneurial journey of determination, passion, and grit needed to create change and challenge the status quo. Since selling her company in 2016, Jodi continues with her mission to inspire and empower women and girls throughout the world.

There will also be workshops for the girls and adults to participate and engage in, covering topics like career opportunities to healthy lifestyles, “Art Journaling!” with Frances Fisher, to“Drones, Sensors, and Artificial Intelligence” by IBM, and many more all day long.

The girls leave this event with new friends, as well as a sense of sisterhood and pride in being a girl. They feel empowered and equipped to navigate the unique challenges and pressures they are facing. I know that my daughters would walk away feeling excited to be girls and excited for their futures. I can only imagine how special these feelings would feel in a room with 1,600 women cheering them on. 

Girls Empowerment Network presents…


April 27th, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Hogg Middle School 
1100 Merrill St. 
Houston, TX 77009

Get your tickets here! 


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