Everything You Need to Know About … LICE!

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School has been in session for a few weeks now, and my family is finally getting adjusted to our new routine.  Our internal alarm clocks are officially set to 6:30am, I’ve developed a pretty solid routine to make sure papers are checked and folders are signed, and my son hasn’t missed a homework assignment … yet.  But there’s still one nagging thing that I’m super paranoid about.


As a former teacher, I know that lice infestations happen.  More than I’d like to admit.  And frankly, I’m terrified of the day that it hits our home.  {My head is itching just thinking about it.  Yours too??}  So in an effort to be as informed and proactive as I possibly can, I decided to turn to Jessica and Michelle, owners of a new lice treatment clinic called Lice Clinics of America.  They are FULL of knowledge about all things lice, both as mamas who have been-there-done-that as well as local experts with a passion for helping families avoid these difficult little creatures.  Here’s everything you need to know about lice…

Everything You Need to Know About ... LICE! | Houston Moms Blog

How Do You Get Lice?

  • The number one way that kiddos get lice is from head-to-head contact. Think hugging, laying next to each other, putting their heads together {literally}, etc…

However, lice can live for up to one day off of a person’s head, so indirect contact is possible too!  Here’s what that generally looks like…

  • Sharing hats, scarves, and helmets with friends.
  • Trying on hats, masks, or costumes at the store.
  • Using someone else’s comb or brush and/or borrowing a hair tie or clip from a friend.
  • Using communal sports equipment, such as baseball helmets, swim towels, or football gear.

How Can You Prevent Lice?

  • Use a preventative shampoo or spray to help keep the bugs away.  
  • Keep the hair braided, in a bun, or tied up — especially when at school, sleepovers, and camps.
  • Have your child bring his/her own pillow to sleepovers.
  • Avoid head-to-head contact.
  • Buy a metal lice comb for each child and run it through the hair once or twice a week in the shower to remove any bugs before they have time to take hold.
  • Don’t use over-the-counter products that have pesticides. “Super lice” {bugs that are resistant to pesticides} have been found in 48 states, including Texas.

How Can I Tell If My Kid Has Lice?

  • Persistent itching or scratching of the head.
  • Difficulty sleeping, as lice are most active in the dark.
  • Sores on the head caused by the persistent scratching.
  • Check!  Look at your child’s head periodically. The bugs are harder to find because they move quickly. Instead, look for evidence of eggs {nits} within ½” of the scalp. The nits can be brown, black, white, or gray. They are smaller than a sesame seed and will be stuck to the hair.

How Can You Treat Lice?

Regardless of how much you know about lice and how hard you try to prevent them from taking over your kiddo’s scalp … lice happens.  In fact, the CDC reports that there are an estimated 6 – 12 million infestations each year in the United States alone!  {Gulp.}

Enter Lice Clinics of America.

Everything You Need to Know About ... LICE! | Houston Moms Blog

They dehydrate the lice AND nits in about an hour using nothing more than heated air.  You no longer have to comb at home, come back for a follow-up, or use nasty pesticides.  The best thing is you can end the problem in one visit to the clinic and walk out lice-free with a six week guarantee.  Check out their recent appearance on the TV show “The Doctors” to see Dr. Travis Stork’s reaction.  It’s pretty awesome!  {Video HERE.}

Oh, and educators and team moms…  Lice Clinics of America will also do FREE checks for schools and sports teams.  So you probably want to keep their info on hand too!

Lice Clinics of America

Address :: 14745 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079

Phone :: 832.953.ITCH

Website :: http://www.LiceClinicsofTexas.com

*Open daily by appointment.*

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  1. Oh my gosh, my girls have had lice multiple times over the years and I can’t tell you how much I DREAD it. They all have long hair and I try to make them keep it neat and tidy, but the reality is that lice is freakin’ everywhere! Thank you ?? Michelle and Jessica, for having a solution that kills the eggs too. Your clinic is the ONlY solution that’s worked for us on the first round.

  2. my daughter just recently came home from school with lice and i was unable to get rid of them. My neighbor told me about lice clinics of america and how they were able to rid us of them in just one visit. I made an appointment and was so relieved to not have to bother with any more combing or hassle! If i ever find myself in this situation I will be calling them immediately! Thank god for lice clinics of america!


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