Exploring Our Options:: Homeschool 101

“Exploring Our Options:: Homeschool 101” Panel Discussion {Video Above}

Houston Moms is committed to providing as many resources as possible for our moms. Whether you are choosing to pull your child and homeschool, follow the virtual school through your district, or send your kids back to in-person school, we want to provide you with resources to help you make the best decision for your family. As a team of 40+ moms with as many opinions, we have all three areas covered. 

If you are looking into homeschooling your children for this upcoming 2020-2021 school year, check out this comprehensive guide to homeschooling that we have put together. There is so much information out there for you about what type of curriculum to get, what to use to supplement your curriculum, activities for your child to participate in, tutoring places, lessons your child needs, and way more. You head might spin thinking about all of the different choices and options. Before you worry or go down a Google rabbit hole, scroll through these posts to find answers to your questions. 


Exploring Our Options:: Homeschool 101

Houston Mom "Exploring Our Options:: Homeschool 101" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Moms "What I Wish I Knew About Homeschooling When I Began" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Mom "Homeschooling:: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Moms Blog "Educational Apps for Kids of All Ages" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston #houstonmoms
Houston Mom "How to Use Grocery Shopping as a Learning Opportunity for your Kids" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Mom "All Your Homeschooling Questions Answered" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Moms "FAQs about Homeschooling" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
Houston Moms "Zoom, Zoom:: How to Use Technology to Enjoy Our New Normal" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Houston Moms is committed to helping and supporting moms however we can. If your family is planning on going to school in person, we support you. If your family is planning on doing virtual learning, we support you. If your family is planning on homeschooling, we support you. 

Need more quarantine resources? Check out Houston Moms’ Ultimate Guide to Quarantine Resources! 

Houston Moms "Houston Moms Ultimate Guide to Quarantine Resources" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

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Houston Mom "Exploring Our Options:: Homeschool 101" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston
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