Family Holiday Movies to watch on Netflix in 2020

I love Christmastime, I really do! Not only do we get to decorate the tree, put up all the lights and spend much needed quality time with family, but also there are ALL the holiday movies coming out. I know I can’t be the only sucker for cheesy holiday movies, right? And luckily for me, it turns out my 5 year old loves the holiday films just as much as I do. 
It’s always fun to bake cookies, make hot chocolate with marshmallows, sit under a blanket, and enjoy a movie marathon. That’s exactly what my family and I have been doing since the Thanksgiving holiday and I wanted to share with you some new and old holiday movies on Netflix that you and the entire family will enjoy!

Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

The first part of the Christmas Chronicles franchise came out in 2018. We watched it last year for the first time and we’ve probably have seen at least 10 times since then. Surprisingly Kurt Russell plays a great Santa who loves to sing and dance. The whole family enjoyed this film. It’s definitely a must watch!
Part 2 came out the day before Thanksgiving and we have already watched it 3 times! My 5 year old loved this movie a bit more than the first part because there was a lot more animation in it, cue in the cute little cartoon elves. Both holiday movies are great and would be fun to watch on a marathon back to back.


Holidate may not be something your little ones will want to watch, but for the hopeless in love, Hallmark-type movie gal fan, this one is a must! I really enjoyed this film, it’s the typical guy and girl fall in love at the end, cue in all the cheesy stuff, but it’s still super cute. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy it!

A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish

A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish is great for the young teens or adults in your life who are suckers for love stories. Just imagine your typical Cinderella story revamped, during the holiday season, and lots of elf costumes and singing.

Christmas Break-in

My family and I enjoyed Christmas Break-In, which has a Home Alone kind of feel to it. The main character is a young brave girl who is set out to save Christmas for her and her family. Definitely a great movie for the whole family!

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is not your typical Christmas movie. It’s quite an interesting story to follow, and the music and dancing are an added bonus! It definitely gave me musical vibes- fun to watch and heartfelt.

The Christmas Project

The Christmas Project  has a similar taste as A Christmas Story, with kids being kids and lots of pranks and fighting in between. It was a fun movie to watch for both the grownups and the kids in the room.

Get Santa

Last on my list of holiday movies is Get Santa. Santa’s in trouble and a father and son refuse to stop helping him in order to save Christmas. Both Santa and dad end up running from the police.
Whether you watch just one or all these holiday movies, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Is there anything else you would add to this list? 

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