Favorite Shows for Preschoolers

Favorite Shows for Preschoolers

I know we all try to limit screen time for our kids, but in reality, pretty much all kids watch at least a little bit of television on a daily basis. So now instead of if they are watching, it’s become what they are watching that we are able to control. I’m not the mom that keeps the TV on all day, because I do believe that it stifles creativity and interactive learning. In fact, my son didn’t really start watching TV until he was almost two {and even then, I was hesitant}, but I’ve come to realize that he’s actually learning important lessons {like patterns and manners} from some of these shows. These days, he watches TV first thing in the morning before breakfast, or in the evenings after his bath. And we have definitely been known to use TV as a reward for good decisions he makes! But regardless of the whens and the whys, we have found that there are a few TV shows that are always a hit for him.  And for me too.  

Favorite Shows for Preschoolers

  1. Team Umizoomi :: This little trio’s “mighty math powers” have actually taught my toddler quite a bit about patterns, shapes, measurements, and numbers. It’s also taught him about places you find in the city – like the library, zoo, fire station, and the museum. And the “crazy shake” at the end is really fun too!
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :: Sometimes I think this show is a little young for my 3 ½ year old, but he still loves it. As a young toddler, it taught him listening skills and colors, but now it is teaching him bigger lessons like the importance of exercise and how to be a good friend. He also loves to pick out the “mystery mouse-ka-tool.”
  3. Curious George :: This long-time show is just finding its way into our rotation. Our son loves it because he can actually follow along on the story now and understands when George makes a bad choice {which is pretty much every episode…}.
  4. Blaze and the Monster Machines :: Right now, my son likes Blaze for the monster trucks, but this popular Nick Jr. show is really teaching him STEM skills. He’s learning words like hydrofoil, friction, and momentum. He has also learned all about being an engineer!
  5. Octonauts :: This show is teaching my child the names of both familiar and exotic ocean animals {do you know what a grimpoteuthis is?}. However, more than a big science lesson, he is also learning about teamwork and the importance of being a good helper.
  6. Dinosaur Train :: Dinosaurs + trains…what’s not to love? This is a cute PBS show where my preschooler is learning the names of dinosaurs, and also picking up a few science and history lessons along the way.
  7. Peppa Pig :: Besides my son picking up a cute little British accent, this show has taught him a great deal about being a good listener, what it means to be a family, and why we are respectful to friends and teachers. He also now calls our backyard the “backyarden” – and how cute is that?

In the interest of complete transparency, my child isn’t always watching educational TV. Honestly, I don’t mind that he watches some TV shows just for fun. When I have free time, I’m not ever always watching educational TV {hello, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy!}. Some of my child’s favorite “just for fun” programs include :: Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and PJ Masks. Although even those probably have some educational or life lessons etched in too.

Now it’s your turn… What are YOUR child’s favorite shows?

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  1. Backyardigans and Fresh Beat Band. Both are about groups of friends working together and music is a backbone of both. They are older shows & off the air but live on with us through dvds but we love them that much … still. Backyardigans is animated. Imagination is the key as they act out many scenarios and there is a different genre of music in each episode. Fresh Beat is about a band that help each other out and problem solve, intertwined with their sings. Cheesy, yes. But very child appropriate music that you never have to worry about inappropriate lyrics or potty humor.


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