Feel Refreshed this Summer with Organic Valley {+ $100 Giveaway!}

We are proud to partner with Organic Valley to share why Houston Moms should choose milk produced by cows who are happy and well cared for.

hand pouring milk at breakfast tableWe drink a lot of milk at our house. Next to water, it’s the beverage our family turns to the most- both for taste and nutrition. And this summer while the kids are home, we’ve been using milk to make a lot of recipes, including milkshakes, pies, and even homemade yogurt made in our Instant Pot. And truly, is there anything better than a cold milkshake on a hot Houston summer day? I submit not.

I’ve tried to be intentional about teaching my kids that the ingredients we use in these everyday recipes DO matter. And I love that they know that organic is best for their growing bodies. But until I explained it to them, they didn’t know what that really meant beyond looking at the label at the grocery store. Our family drinks Organic Valley milk, and we spent a little time recently reading about the company and its ethics on food production.

Better Milk Comes from Happier Cows

cows graze in pastureWe learned that these cows spend a LOT of time outside; in fact, they are outside 50% more than most organic cows. And who doesn’t feel better when they spend more time outside? I know as a parent that my kids are invigorated by sunshine, good ole Vitamin D, and moving their bodies after a good playing sesh away from their iPads. It makes so much sense that these cows would be similarly stimulated.

Like so many moms out there, I am always trying to get my kids to eat more vegetables. The best way I’ve found to get them to try new things? Offer a variety and offer it often. So it was so fun to discover that Organic Valley cows are allowed to graze on all sorts of different plants and grasses. We know when our kids eat a variety of vegetables {well, and for us adults too!}, we feel better about ourselves and we have more energy. No surprise here: the same is true for cows. The nutritious diet they get allows them to produce more quality milk for you and me AND for our milkshakes. Sign us up.

Their Business Looks Different…For a Reason

In addition to my kids understanding why the quality and type of food they consume matters, I also wanted them to understand that how that food gets into the grocery store also matters.

There’s something really unique about knowing that the Organic Valley milk we are drinking comes from farmers who actually care. It feels like going back in time a bit when not everything was mass produced on such an extreme level. Organic Valley farmers are basically part of a small cooperative that feels like family. And that’s always something we can get behind.

Also fun activity to fill those summer hours: your kids can read about the real life farmers who raise the cows who produce the actual milk that they are drinking! It was so neat to take an inside peek into a life that is so different from the one we lead in the ‘burbs of Houston, but one that is profoundly important to our livelihood!

Nothing Better than a Little TLC

woman and cow look at each other in a pasture

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because it allows us to truly slow down. Our hectic schedules are a little more flexible so I am able to really love on my kids in a meaningful way, with lots of hugs and more one-on-one time than the school year allows. Similarly, those Organic Valley cooperatives I mentioned above? They are passionate about loving on their cows, but all year long. They intentionally keep their herd of cows on the small side so that each cow is truly loved and cared for. Tell me that doesn’t make for a happier cow!

This summer, I will continue making it a point to discuss food and ethics with my kids and how important it is to fuel our bodies with all the good stuff in between Chick Fil A stops. By using and drinking Organic Valley milk, available at a store local to me, I have a tangible example of a company that is practicing what they preach and providing our family with  nutritious products to keep their bodies moving all summer long, especially important with Houston heat!


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