Fitness Friday :: How I Made Fitness Fit {Sponsored Post + Giveaway}

Fitness Friday

From ergs to burpees to downward-facing dog, I’ve done it all this past month thanks to my peerFit PASSPORT journey.

Since Christmas, I’ve attended two classes at ROW studies, two classes at Big Yoga, and one class at Gym Bowie so far.  I’m still working with my own personal fitness concierge to schedule my second class at Gym Bowie in addition to scheduling two classes at their newly added bonus gym, Pure Barre at River Oaks!  Yes ma’am Houston mommas, you read that correctly – Pure Barre, the River Oaks location, is now partnering with peerFit!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this – Houstonians can now have VIP access to these four amazing gyms thanks to peerFit.


While I have enjoyed my classes at all of the gyms, I’m most excited about my new lifestyle change that I’ve made for myself. Excuse me while I toot my own horn, but I’ve exercised most days this month.   If I didn’t attend a class through the peerFit PASSPORT, then I remained diligent in either a neighborhood walk or run or a dreaded run on my treadmill while the kids were napping.  I even bundle my son up in the stroller and went for a run when it was 29 degrees out last week. This was huge for me! I love cold weather…BUT I am not a cold weather exerciser.  Which means that my body is once again learning to crave exercise.

When encouraging my patients to exercise  {I’m a PA by day}, I remind them that it takes twenty-something days to create a habit.  So I kept telling myself that!  I’ve been at it for just over a month now, and like I said, I can feel my body starting to actually crave the exercise.  Which makes it less of a resolution, less about work, and more about a lifestyle change.  Remember that was my goal when I signed up for this PASSPORT experience?


I LOVED the three PASSPORT gyms I tried {more detailed thoughts below}, and I LOVE how quickly I warmed up to the idea of exercising out of the home.  Historically, I’ve been easily intimidated by gyms and studios.   That said, these are some of Houston’s best gyms…but I felt super comfortable at all of them.  Bringing a buddy along certainly helped and made it more fun too.  {I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Partner Pack option!  If any of my buddies are reading this, thank you for joining me!}

I scheduled all of my classes through my own personal fitness concierge – the only male pictured above – who helped facilitate it all.  I absolutely appreciate his e-mail reminders and texts of encouragement.  It was just the motivation I needed!

As promised, here are some quick thoughts on the different PASSPORT gyms ::

  • I enjoyed ROW Studios very much and am excited to return there again.  The staff is super-friendly and very personable, and I love how low-impact rowing is. I do have an old meniscus tear, so the less weight bearing for me – the better right now {at least until my muscles are more built}.  Rowing on the ergs are perfect for that.  And I must say, ROW was immaculately clean with easy parking too!
  • Next up is Gym Bowie – a refreshingly bright, clean, and very well organized gym with plenty of natural light and color.  A more polished and buttoned-up version of crossfit if you will.  Bowie Helm, the owner, hosted an Intro to Crossfit for us new moms who’ve been out of the game for awhile – and it was the best overall workout out of all of the classes I took!  Never mind the fact that my husband had to help me wash my hair for three days because I couldn’t lift my arms thanks to all the burpess.  {Yes, I now know what a burpee is…just don’t ask me to show you.}  I have one more class to try at Gym Bowie, and I’m really excited to try their Femme Fit class this time around.
  • Last, but definitely not least is Big Yoga!  This is a happening little hip place close to downtown Houston.  Despite it being the most popular of the three gyms I tried, it was still very inviting.  My most favorite thing about this gym is the many, many, many class options they have to offer.  They have late night classes, and I LOVE that.  Both times I went, I was able to tuck my kids in before heading off to the gym.  Be sure to get there early and bring some water {it gets hot in there}.  Oh, and the cool lavender towel they put over your eyes at the end is the bomb.  So refreshing and so relaxing!  Honestly, the powerful flow class at Big Yoga is an ideal way to end the day.
  • I haven’t tried Pure Barre yet {tomorrow!}, but fellow contributor Chelsea talked a little bit about Pure Barre here if you want to check it out.  She loves it, and I’m certain I will too.

So I know what you are probably thinking…  What now?  What do you do once this amazing PASSPORT experience comes to an end?  Well, I am so glad you asked!  Because peerFit JUST {as in TODAY!} announced a brand new program that I am so excited to tell you about.  Starting in March, Houstonians and fitness lovers alike will be able to take their freedom back and enjoy the flexibility that comes with the PASSPORT…but on a more permanent level.  There will be 4, 8, and 12 class per month options that allow you to pick and choose your workouts from the best studios in Houston – all with one easy sign-up system through FlexPass!  Head to the peerFit website for all of the info and to purchase yours today.  I am off to get mine now too!

Once again, we are giving one lucky reader ::

a Partner Pack {2 Passports}

from peerFit


Winner :: Missy R.

[hr] Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about peerFit and the PASSPORT program are completely my own.

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  1. You are awesome T! I told myself I want to do bits and pieces as I head toward second half of pregnancy. I will keep your 20 day reminder in my head as it’s easy to come up with excuses!

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