Five Reasons to Love Camp Olympia

We are thrilled to partner with Camp Olympia to bring you this sponsored content. We hope you find it helpful as you seek out the perfect summer camp for your child this year too!

Houston Moms Blog will be publishing it’s annual Summer Camp Guide in no time at all, but there was one camp in particular that we love so much and couldn’t wait on. We love, love, love all that our friends at Camp Olympia have to offer for Houston area families, so check out a few of our favorite things below…

Camp Olympia - Featured

1} Their Location

First and foremost, Camp Olympia’s location can’t be beat.  It’s a mere 90 miles from Houston. Just one and a half hours from our fabulous metroplex and nestled among the beautiful pine trees of East Texas, Camp Olympia sits on Lake Livingston. The lake, no doubt, makes for loads of fun water activities for campers.

2} 50 Years of Reputation

Camp Olympia has been selected as one of the Top 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids by the Early Childhood Education Zone, the go-to site for early childhood education information. Not to mention, they are also ACA accredited.  Plus, this year Camp Olympia is celebrating their “50th FUNtastic Summer” … and we hear it is going to be O-MAZING!

3} Focus on Family

Camp Olympia not only caters to hundreds and hundreds of campers each summer — they also host many special events such as Family Camp Weekend, Mom/Son Weekend, Mother/Daughter Weekend, Father/Son Weekend, and much more so that families can experience year round camp fun. We love that Camp Olympia’s special events  are devoted to family members spending QUALITY time together all while bonding and having fun. These weekends are also a great way to visit the campgrounds and get a feel for all the goodness Camp Olympia has to offer for those of us who are thinking about sending our kiddos away for camp in the next couple of years.

Want to learn more about Camp Olympia but can’t fit one of their special events into your schedule?  Not to worry.  Camp Olympia also hosts Merit Parties where they come to YOU!  Merit parties are the perfect opportunity for families to learn all about Camp Olympia while meeting staff, other camp parents, and current campers. Camp directors will be present to share info on camp and answer any questions you might have, and your kids will enjoy the camp prizes and video.  Check out the schedule to find a Merit Party happening near you!

4} Individualized Experience

It’s important to know that Camp Olympia, with their very low counselor to camper ratio of 1:4, is dedicated to helping each camper feel special and welcome. Their goal is to have someone always present to provide encouragement for each and every camper.  {Especially those newbies attending SPARK Week for the very first time!}  We love that the counselors and camp staff are dedicated to serving as role models for the campers and being that someone that the campers look up to and lean on while they are away from their parents.

Also, in an effort to make sure that every camper finds something that they enjoy doing, Camp Olympia offers over over 45 various activities. Each camper is bound to find something {or likely, many things} they enjoy.  Whether you have a water-child who wants to learn to fish, learn to ski, or learn to sail OR you have an athletic-child who is into sports, golf, or lacrosse, they can try it all out at Camp Olympia.  There’s no doubt life-long hobbies can and will evolve from a week, or TWO, or THREE at Camp Olympia. Feel free to browse their full list of activities here.

5} Safety Above All Else!

Sure, we want our kids to have fun while they are away at camp, but I’m quite sure that every parent out there sends their child away with at least a tiny of bit of worry about his/her well-being.  While no environment is risk free, we love the measures that Camp Olympia has in place to help ensure the safest environment for our kids.  Camp Olympia provides a supervised, positive environment with controlled boundaries to help children grow, and as we mentioned above, they are ACA accredited.  

ACA accreditation is a voluntary and rigorous risk management process that Camp Olympia participates in to prevent illness or injury to campers and to have solid plans if an emergency does occur. Their award winning safety record speaks for itself.

Camp Olympia also takes great pride in selecting their counselors each year — counselors, mostly college students with an average age of 20, are required to complete an extensive Counselor Training School prior to summer so they are fully aware of expectations, the programming, and the safety protocols and policies. Learn more about becoming a camp counselor, including the recruitment and hiring process, here.

Plus, to keep our mommy-hearts at ease, Camp Olympia offers parents an opportunity to experience camp right along with their camper via the Internet. Daily updates are provided to keep parents informed, and 100’s of pictures are posted each day in a password protected area so you can see your camper’s smiling face!

Connect with Camp Olympia and/or find out more about their special events below…

Camp Olympia

723 Olympia Drive
Trinity, Texas 75862

Phone ::  936.594.2541 
Email :: [email protected]

Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramRegist

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