10 FREE Healthy Apps for Busy Moms!

The new year is here. {Hooray 2015!!} We all know this is the most popular time to get yourself back on track when it comes to weight loss and eating healthy. And let’s be real, we are only going to stick to it if it is easy and doable in our busy lives, right?

There are TONS of workout and eating healthy apps on the market, but we wanted you to see a few of our top picks — that have worked for some of us!

Free Healthy Apps for Moms 2

My Fitness Pal :: A popular app that has really stepped it up in the past year. You can track the food you eat, log bike rides, runs and other exercises and even connect it to devices like Fitbit and Garmin.

Lose it! :: A similar app that allows you to track your food, enter your workouts, and get support from the community.

Breeze :: This app is like a personal pedometer. It tracks your daily activity and steps.

Nike Training Club :: This app is awesome for gym {or home} use. Workouts are sorted into categories like abs, arms, or legs and it counts down the workout along with you.  These are simple, easy workouts anyone can do. You can set fitness goals and track your workouts.  {This is personally my favorite app!}

7 Minute Workout :: Great for those of us who don’t have a lot of time. It alternates 30 seconds of high energy exercises like push-ups, planks, and jumping jacks with 10 seconds of rest.

For Runners :: We love Map My Run, Run Keeper, or Nike+. All three include goal setting, accountability with friends, and the ability to link up to GPS and other devices.

Weight Watchers :: This program has been around for years – and yep, there is an app for that. The app allows you to enter the food you eat, and you can also get support from a weight loss coach too!

Gym Pact :: This is also a pretty cool idea – with an extra cash incentive!  Basically, members commit to working out a certain number of times a week. When they don’t, they have to pay up. If you keep your end of your bargain, you get paid.

For more healthy inspiration, be sure to check out… tips for working out WITH your kids, a real mom’s guide to losing baby weight, these local fitness resources, and our {mostly} healthy recipes too!  Also, don’t forget to chime in with your favorite healthy apps in the comments below as well!!


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