Friday Favorites: Work Edition

In mid-May of this year I decided I wanted to go back to work full-time after over eight years at home with my children. At the beginning of August I started new job where I spend several days in the office and several days at home. It was a little scary admitting that I wanted to work outside the home not because I was worried about my ability to do so, but about how my family and I would fare with the transition.  In a way to alleviate my fears I began to seek out items that would help streamline our day and/or make my commute a little easier.  Here are my favorites, so far!

  1. Egg Muffins

It’s no coincidence food is the first on my list. Several mornings after breakfast had been made for the kids, backpacks were packed, and the kids were dressed and ready to go, I realized I hadn’t had breakfast yet. I love food and skipping breakfast was not an option. Before my full-time job, I usually made myself eggs, but I didn’t have time to do that on days I went in to the office. Enter the egg muffin recipe. They are healthy. They are filling. I make them on Sundays and can grab them and go on days I head into the office.

  1. Bentgo Salad Box

I love a big salad for lunch, but I never knew how to take a salad to the office without all the toppings and lettuce getting mushy. I figured someone must have solved this problem since the last time I was in an office setting and a quick Amazon search turned up this Bentgo Salad Box. It has the function and efficiency my nerdy heart likes: separate containers for your toppings so your lettuce stays crisp, a dressing container with a lid, and a snap lid so bits of chicken and cucumber don’t end up in the bottom of my bag. And when I say I like a BIG salad, I mean big and this container can handle it.

  1.  J Crew Factory Earrings

I like clothes and accessories, but I needed to keep it simple in the mornings when I get dressed for the office. These earrings go with anything I am wearing to work. I am choosing once (a Lazy Genius principle I adhere to whenever I can) and having one less decision to make on a hectic morning is always a win. Sure, it’s a little boring I’m always wearing the same earrings to work, but it makes it that more fun when I do bust out my large, colorful accessories.

  1. Fiasco Podcast

I listened to my fair share of 2000s hip hop on my commute before I realized I could use this time a little more constructively. I have enjoyed podcasts on past road trips, so I looked up a few and landed on the Fiasco podcast that delves into the Bush vs Gore election. Maybe it was because this was the first presidential election I voted in or maybe it’s because deep down I really find parts of politics interesting, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning details about this election and the aftermath I never knew before. If you voted in this election, or just want to understand what really happened in Florida, check it out.

  1. Laptop Backpack

I’m saving the best for last. This is a backpack for all moms. I have always carried a tote to haul my stuff around, but now that I’m living life after 40 my shoulder couldn’t take it anymore. I typed in “laptop backpacks” and spent more time than I would like to admit looking at the results. Once again, Amazon came through. This backpack is great to take into the office, but I’m also taking it on my next plane trip as a carry on. There is a cushioned spot for your laptop, a USB cord to charge whatever device you are carrying, and multiple pockets and zippers for all the things moms carry. I purchased the black with the gold hardware and I love the way it looks. Yes, there were multiple backpacks that were very expensive that caught my eyes, but for $40 this has the style, function and efficiency I want.

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Sarah H. is a Texan through and through. Born in Waco and raised in Houston, she attended school at the University of Texas in Austin and now lives in Sugar Land with her husband, Jordan, and two children, Hudson {2012} and Lucy {2014}. After working in legal marketing and business development, she stayed home after the birth of her first child determined to be the perfect stay at home mom. Reality set in, expectations were lowered, and now her main goal is to get her children to school on time with clean teeth and hair. Sarah likes to work out, enjoys the arts and restaurants Houston offers, loves to read and dance, and is always on the lookout for the best patio or French 75 in town. A recovering perfectionist, she continually seeks more grace for herself and others.


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