Game, Set, Match! {Play Your Court Review + Discount Offer for You!}

I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I’ve worked up a sweat doing more than just carrying groceries in 100 degree heat. Months? Years?? I don’t know. Before the twins came on the scene, I was dedicated to my workouts and near-daily runs. After their arrival, I was just too darned tired and then now a few years down the line, I am just “too busy.” Yes, yes, excuses, excuses. At any rate, when I had the opportunity to try out a complimentary tennis lesson with a private instructor through our sponsor PlayYourCourt, I literally POUNCED. I’ve been desperately searching for a fun activity that you know, would actually burn more calories than just walking to the mailbox.

But y’all. Tennis? I mean, I’ve literally been on a court maybe 3 times in my life. And most of the time, we had a soccer ball on it, not a tennis ball. I don’t even own a racket, and my knowledge of scoring is limited to what I recall from my old school Gameboy tennis game. {Ohhh, I miss my Gameboy!} However, out here in the ‘burbs, you can hardly drive a mile without passing a set of tennis courts, so I figured there must be something to it – right?

And that’s where PlayYourCourt comes in. Their certified professional instructors literally come to you – an amazing convenience for all of us busy moms. No more excuses, ladies! Their registration process to find your pro is totally easy and within just a few clicks, I got hooked up with an amazing coach, Duane. A couple of more clicks to choose my preferred day and time, plus enter payment information, and I was ready to go. Literally just a few hours later, Duane contacted me to schedule our first lesson, and he reassured me that he could handle working with someone who never has held a racket in her life.

Because of some illness within our family, I had to reschedule our lesson, and he could not have been more patient with me. Such an important benefit to work with a company that understands that life happens, especially when you are a mommy!

Once everyone was finally on the mend, it was tennis time! Not going to lie, I was a little {ok, VERY} nervous. I’m a competitive person by nature so I really, really didn’t want to act a fool. Or whiff. Or hit the ball over the top of the court. Turns out, all of my fears were unfounded. Duane was incredibly patient with me, showing me all the basics down to how to hold the racket and make the proper swings. And before I knew it, I was smashing backhands and knocking down some forehands. Say whaattt???

Now, I did hit approximately 6 balls over the top. And I did whiff several times. But each time, Duane would just help me reposition and gently coach with encouraging words. And y’all. Seriously, it was so much fun, and I was actually a little sad when the lesson came to an end…although my arm muscles were grateful for the rest. I can honestly attest that you absolutely get your money’s worth with your lesson. Days later I can still feel the burn, but at least putting on mascara has gotten a little less painful. I cannot wait for my next lesson, and I’m pretty sure it will include serving and volleying. Sign me up! And I’ve already put a call out on Facebook for friends to go play with this novice one day.  Just in time for those workin’ on getting fit as their New Year’s resolution!


I am so thrilled to announce that our amazing friends over at PlayYourCourt are graciously offering all HMB readers a $25 credit towards your lessons! All you have to do is simply register at this link, and they will throw $25 in your account. And there’s absolutely no risk with their 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. But I can’t imagine that you would need it – seriously, try it now!

{Side note :: While clearly I was a complete beginner, PlayYourCourt instructors work with players of all skill levels. Whether you are just starting out, want to brush up on your skills, or have professional aspirations, they can work with you. I also thought it was super fun to discover that Duane will also work with our kiddos – recommended age 5 and up!}

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about PlayYourCourt are proudly my own.

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