Giving Tuesday:: Start a Family Tradition of Generosity

Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate generosity and give back to organizations doing good in the community. This Giving Tuesday, get the whole family involved!

Giving Tuesday:: Start a Family Tradition of Generosity

Most everyone has heard the old adage that giving is better than receiving, but have you ever wondered why?

An ancient proverb states:: “A kind man benefits himself, but the cruel person brings trouble on himself.”

Volunteering provides many benefits to both mental and physical health.

Studies show that people who volunteer to help others have been found to suffer from fewer aches and pains and less depression. Overall, they enjoy better health.

One reason may be that “feelings of compassion, benevolence and kindness leave less room for negative emotions.”

Children watch everything we do. By giving back to the community, we can show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help others.

With all of that in mind, here are some great ways to give back as a family in recognition of Giving Tuesday, global celebration of generosity.

Donate used toys, books & DVDs

Giving Tuesday:: Start a Family Tradition of GenerosityGather items that your family has outgrown and donate them to an organization. Some families installed a “One for one” policy where children donate one old toy whenever a new one comes in the house.

Many places would love those gently used toys!

Check with your local hospital and pediatrician’s waiting rooms to see if you can donate toys, books and G rated DVDs.

Daycare centers and churches/synagogues may also use them, as well as police and fire departments for helping to calm a distraught child.

Host a Bake sale or lemonade stand and donate the profits.

Giving Tuesday:: Start a Family Tradition of Generosity

When children understand the cause they are supporting they will be more motivated and proud to help. Choose an organization with your child, raise money through a fun and simple lemonade stand, bake or craft sale, then donate with your child. Let them be a part of the process and feel good about their accomplishments.

One great resource and starting point is::

Donate non-perishable food

Giving Tuesday:: Start a Family Tradition of Generosity
Photo by Desi Magnuson

Food banks are always in need of non perishable food items, not only during the holidays. Kids can gather canned goods, boxed cereal and diapers and bring them to their local food bank. 

Does your family have old toys or clothes that have been outgrown? One idea could be to have a gratitude garage sale and use the money to support the local food banks. This is another great way for kids to get hands on with giving! 

Find a local food bank here::

Help A local animal shelter

Local animal shelters could always use a few bucks to help care for their animals needs, but did you know there are tangible ways for kids to give as well?

Some shelters have reading programs for kids! Parents are invited to accompany children ages 6 & up to read a book aloud to a furry friend for 15 minute intervals. Children gain confidence in their reading skills while helping shy homeless pets become more comfortable with people.

Crafty Kids can help by making no sew dog blankets or home made dog treats to donate to dog shelters.

Other ways to help without breaking the bank are donating gently used water and food bowls, leashes, collars and pet beds, as well as cleaning supplies and other basic necessities. Be sure to call the shelter ahead of time to know what they need!

If you have older kids that are animal lovers, shelters can always use their help in dog care, cat care, office work, fundraising/event planning, and yard work.

Here are a few resources to help get you started this Giving Tuesday::

Sign up for a beach clean up event 

A beach clean up is a great way to work together as a family and help the community. Volunteers gather on the date selected and join together for a couple of hours of cleanup. When you sign up with Keep Texas Beautiful at your local HEB you’ll receive a clean up kit and a Hosting Toolkit. After the cleanup you can fill out a “wrap up report” to assess your results! Events usually start in the morning, so you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy the {clean} beach with your family!

Remember, giving is about compassion. You don’t need a big wallet, just a big heart. Our kiddos are born with compassion and it is up to us to nurture this instinct as they grow. 


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