We Tried It :: Halotherapy!

Anyone who knows me knows I love salt. Salt on chips, salt on my margarita, or when I was pregnant…pickles dipped in salt. So when I heard about another use for salt, I was intrigued.

Evidently, people from all over have been visiting salt spas and raving about the tremendous benefits of halotherapy for quite some time.  But here in Houston, the concept is almost unheard of.  That is, until our sponsors at Salt of the Earth Spa in Sugar Land recently opened their doors.

We Tried It :: Halotherapy! | Houston Moms Blog

It’s the very first halotherapy spa {for adults AND kids} in our area, and a group of us from the Houston Moms Blog team had the opportunity to experience it just before their big grand opening.  And now, we are giving you the inside scoop…

First of all, what is halotherapy?

Halotherapy originated centuries ago in the underground salt caves of Eastern Europe. People realized they felt better by being around salt.  Today, halotherapy is a natural alternative to provide relief or to lessen the symptoms of ailments including: seasonal allergies, asthma, COPD, chronic cough, cystic fibrosis, eczema, and more.  In fact, the owner opened the spa in Sugar Land after traveling across the state on a weekly basis to a similar spa for her husband’s lung issues.

We Tried It :: Halotherapy!

But why should you should try a Salt Spa? Here’s 5 reasons…

  1. It’s simple. Salt therapy is a natural way to alleviate certain symptoms without adding medication. Salt is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Anyone who spends time in a salt room can experience more open and deeper breathing, less mucus, more productive cough, and clearer and smoother skin.
  2. Relaxation time. All you do is sit in a room and relax in a comfy chair.  There is salt on the ground and also salt being circulated through the air in the room. The warm buzz of the salt air generator is relaxing too. Each session lasts 45 minutes, so feel free to take a little power nap!
  3. Make it a family affair. Salt of the Earth also has a kids room and family room so everyone can enjoy the benefits of salt, and the kids room is even equipped with fun digging toys and other activities for the kids to play with. Our kids had so much fun playing with the small rocks and collecting scoops of salt with little shovels.
  4. Insomnia, anyone? Salt therapy does not just help with breathing and skin issues. It can also help you get better sleep. Many people who use salt rooms say they get deeper and more restful sleep after their sessions..
  5. It’s like a trip to the beach.  Ever notice how after you go on a trip to the beach you just feel better? Part of that is because you are breathing in the salty air. In a halotherapy room, the salt is dry which takes that feeling to a whole new level. Dry salt moves from the upper and lower respiratory tracts where wet salt only reaches the upper airways.

We Tried It :: Halotherapy!

So, how did I feel after a session?

While we were sitting in the room, I could taste the salt in the air. After leaving, I did feel a bit different. The best way I can describe it is to relate it to the way I feel after going on a nice long run. I’m not sure if it was because of the deeper breathing I may have experienced. It was intriguing, and I am eager to get back and try it again!

We Tried It :: Halotherapy!

But the most special take away for me is that I kept thinking about the owner of the spa after I left. She didn’t just open up Salt of the Earth as a business venture. She saw first hand how it helped her husband and wanted to bring the benefits to people in her own community. It’s really a passion! I can’t wait to hear how this helps others in our area too.

Salt of the Earth

9920 Hwy 90, Suite 200
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Book A Session

Please Note :: We are so grateful to have partnered with Salt of the Earth for this experience.  And while they may be one of our valued sponsors,all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.



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