Handling the Transitions

Recently, my church has been doing a series on momentum.  Life momentum.  Where are you headed?  Is there any forward movement in your life or are you stuck?  And if you are stuck, what’s the next step?  Well…  I wish I knew!

But really, these questions got me thinking about my own life.  And honestly, I feel like I’m in the middle.  In a state of transition.  My family has some big changes coming and big transitions to conquer, but we’re not quite there yet.  So I don’t feel stuck where I am, but I don’t necessarily feel like I’m moving either.  Just trying to figure out how to handle what’s next.  Am I alone here?

Transitions are hard.  Some are simple and some are complicated, but generally hard nonetheless.  And sometimes it just depends on the day.  I mean, trying to get my kids all dressed and out the door or to go from playing to nap {or “rest” time} can about blow my last nerve.  Especially if I’m particularly exhausted or hungry — or both!  And if the simple stuff is a challenge, what about the bigger things?  Changing a habit, moving, a new job, potty training?!  It can be overwhelming.  {And for the record, my kids are almost 3, and I’m still dreading the potty training phase.}

My husband and I generally do not approach changes the same way.  Usually, I want to move ahead with my game plan and tackle whatever it is, and he would rather hold on to the usual, the comfortable, a little longer.  I’m not sure one is better than the other, and maybe it just depends on the situation.  Were you sad to put away the baby items when it was your last or excited to move on to the toddler stage?  Are you more sad when old friendships are fading or more excited that new ones are forming?  Maybe all of the above?  That is truly where I most often find myself.  In the transitional state of bittersweetness.

So, how can a transition be handled?  I set goals.  No matter if it’s tiny or life changing.  Then I make a plan.  I write out all the steps and think about what I want, how to get there, and what needs to happen.  Never hurts to consider what could get in the way either.

Once I am mentally prepared enough to make any changes, I stick with my plan.  Push forward with what I set out to do.  Much easier said than done.  And this goes for transitioning from bottles to sippy cups…to no pacifiers…to completely changing a routine or habit.  Tough stuff.  Problems will arise and sometimes the plan needs to be adjusted.  And that’s okay.  As long as the goal is accomplished.  Eventually.  Not sure about you, but sometimes my plans are a bit ambitious.

So as I sit here pondering where I am and what is next and how exactly to handle jobs, a potential move, and a bunch of almost pre-schoolers, I am making plans.  Plans to get my family to the next step while still holding on to what I love about where we are now.  Because life goes on.  Transitions are conquered, changes happen, and we get to where we are going.  And I am thankful I have God to guide me as He always shows me the way through any transition.

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Lauren became a Houstonian in high school. After attending Baylor University- where she met her husband, Dave- Lauren returned to Houston for graduate school, earning a Masters in School Psychology. After working several years in Houston area schools, Lauren is now a stay-at-home mom to her sextuplets {April 2012}. Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison, and Levi keep Lauren, Dave, and their slew of volunteers on their toes! When Lauren isn't looking after her 6 kids and dog, Maggie, she enjoys running, baking, reading, mindless TV, and getting out of the house! Follow the sextuplet adventures on Lauren’s blog, The Perkins Pack


  1. Lauren-
    I love reading you thoughts and words of wisdom. You and your family are a gift to us. Moving? I vote no, and I’m hoping that God is voting no as well.
    Love you,
    Jane Liston


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